Black Friday

Hmmmmm. I have never had so many emails. 

Seems like a lot of places have done nothing or something completely nominal this year.

Bugger all from Sonos. 

Damn right. Congrats - You called it first.

Ftse down 3% before 10am.

Seems like markets are less sanguine about BoswanaVu than the rofferati.

Nothing I want for the house. Travel offers are too risky at the moment. May treat myself to some nice gin.

I've just taken advantage of a great Black Friday deal for a flight to Cape Town. Leaves tomorrow afternoon.

Ooh, just got an email from Cambridge Masks about a 70% off Black Friday deal. Think I'll get another one in anticipation of the new variant arriving in the UK.

Memory stick, toothbrush heads and rechargeable batteries, otherwise meh. 

Paul - I got a pretty solid digital planner for free as I didn’t know this was an option.


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