Black Friday

Hmmmmm. I have never had so many emails. 

And yet so little interest in actually buying anything

I am off to ASICS later to buy some discounted running socks

Seems like a lot of places have done nothing or something completely nominal this year.

Bugger all from Sonos. 

I ordered something named day delivery from marks and Spencer for TUESDAY and it is still not here

My spam filter seems to be doing its job, I have nothing 

Damn right. Congrats - You called it first.

Ftse down 3% before 10am.

Seems like markets are less sanguine about BoswanaVu than the rofferati.

Nothing I want for the house. Travel offers are too risky at the moment. May treat myself to some nice gin.

Still wavering on whether to get the new MacBook Pro. No deals on that though.

I've just taken advantage of a great Black Friday deal for a flight to Cape Town. Leaves tomorrow afternoon.

Ooh, just got an email from Cambridge Masks about a 70% off Black Friday deal. Think I'll get another one in anticipation of the new variant arriving in the UK.

I bought myself a 128 gb memory sd card and digital planner. Its stuff like this that makes waiting for Black Friday worth it. But the rest, yeah, isn't a big deal.

Memory stick, toothbrush heads and rechargeable batteries, otherwise meh. 

Paul - I got a pretty solid digital planner for free as I didn’t know this was an option.