Being in a fug

I am in a fug. I’ve got urgent and important things to do and I’ve spent most of this week just avoiding them. People won’t stop coming to me with stupid inane queries that they’ve obviously not given any thought to and I’m getting nothing done. I’ll come a cropper soon m7s. 

How do I snap out of it?

There's always a way out of it and I'm sure eventually the old survival switch will flick on and you'll get going again.

I've got the opposite of having been super productive all week and trying to avoid the Friday temptation to put my feet up and worry about it all next week.

this is how I have spent most of the last five years

I once spent 18 months doing literally nothing more than making sympathetic noises in meetings and promising to "look into that"

not an exaggeration that is all I contributed

so I am not sure I can help except to say take vitamin d pills and hope for the best

ps my story is actually a tale of hope because not once in that entire 18 months did anyone notice and I even got the top box in my appraisal

on the other hand more than once I cried at my desk (proper howling crying) and also nobody noticed

maybe I am a ghost idk

have you tried running at a wall in order to test that theory out?

I don't think that works if you believe in your own solidity

Struts did you get round to answering dux’s questions on that other thread?

Thank you sailo I am hopeful. 

Maybe vit d is the way to go. If I’m honest I have drifted through much of the last few years. The key being not many people know what I actually do, and most things I delegate.  Maybe part of the problem is no one really gives much of a fvck about legal until we are getting sued so it can all feel a bit pointless. 

Put automatic replies on your email saying you are unavailable for the rest of the afternoon  

tell anyone approaching your desk / office to go away 

Make a list of the most urgent 3 things you need to do. Do the worst thing immediately.

then go out for some fresh air and a nice lunch

cone back then do the other 2 things 

make a similar list ready for Monday morning. Go home. Switch off your work phone 

You might think that, but you don’t know.

Surely there is no substitute for empirical research?

I also do the “I’ll look into that” thing. I make a note and everything then cross it out some weeks later when I’ve not done it and no one has followed it up. 

heh me too! high five for the people with jobs that the CFO has to say exist but actually don't matter at allllll


write your novel tho srsly

*throws out notepad of jotted down meeting 'thoughts' because as IF that will ever come up again*

wasn't there a guy who did an experiment where for ten years he just forwarded all his emails to minions and that was literally all he did? then he left and wrote a book about it?

I have quite a good story about this but it’s a little too self incriminating for rof. 

I would actually say most people do (although not all of them realise it)

law firms are the outliers ime

Still not done any work and it’s lunchtime now. 

Tbf in my first job after graduating I did no work for 6 months.  Literally none. I had been recruited to do recruitment and resourcing for a management consultancy that then went into a recruitment freeze whilst it was taken over. 

you need a project or something

automate all that boring shitt and get your teeth into some mischief 

Its not so much boring, it’s objectively quite interesting I just don’t givvatug at the moment. 


I tend to live life using the question "What would the Rock do?". It's mostly served me well, encouraging optimism and self belief. I'd say that overall the positivity it brings has outweighed the odd unfortunately timed people's elbow.