The ban on gas in newbuilds

Is going to be shit, right? My last place was electric only and it was shit.

Nah, I manage just fine down here.  There’s no way to get gas safely right into the coast so whilst I have always preferred cooking with gas, modern technology does help.  Flat is cheap as anything to run, and my house (potentially could have gas but doesn’t) actually makes money for me on solar. 

Oh noooeeee! You need gas for

- proper cooking

- lighting other things when you have run out of matches by setting light to a spill of newspaper from the gas ring

- the feeling that you are a free man, not a number

- you know, Prometheus and so on

I have bottled gas for my hob because we aren't on the mains. Electric jobs are rank. 

Ik right! Also had a good electric boiler been invented yet??

A good electric boiler is known as a heat pump.  

Heat pumps are not novel, they are just air conditioners the other way around.  

As for no gas - get used to it.  None of us will have gas in ten years' time. 

None of us will have gas in ten years time.

The utter shyte that you post sometimes.



The world will run out of rof before rof runs out of methane. 

I cant stand electric/ceramic hobs but the one thing in their favour is they are very much not "rank".  cf all the bits of crud that you have to clean out of a gas hob.

The ban is on gas boilers not gas cookers.

even if it was, there is shite electric rings and then induction hobs. The latter have as much instant flare power as gas. I have one and it’s excellent. And when you take the pan off you don’t have a bright red hot electric hob ring. You have a smooth glass surface that quickly cools and can easily be cleaned. 

Induction hobs can't do a decent stir fry

Neither can I, like, but still

I understood the plan was to ban cookers too ultimately but even if they didn't it seems unlikely developers will keep bothering to connect gas just for a cooker.

Induction hobs don't heat as fiercely as gas on full, nor do they cool as quickly (i.e. instantly).  They are easier to clean mind.

There is a reason every restaurant uses gas hobs not induction hobs.

Always been best to avoid new builds - this is yet another reason.

Long live gas central heating and gas hobs.

I suspect they will try to make gas really expensive and impractical in the places that do have it tho.

On the plus side will this make us less reliant on Russia?

If your induction job is not giving you that fierce burn you are after then most of the time it is actually the pan. Trufax.

That said, gas is best if you absolutely have to have loads of burn at very short notice. Just messier afterwards.