Am I being censored by RoF?

One is aware that one can be frank on these pages, but a post I wrote earlier  today in which I slagged off working conditions in the law and how the country is being run down and the justice system is being destroyed isn't particularly controversial, yet does not appear on the discussion board. Indeed, the comments therein, one submits,  are well-known facts. In the yet unpublished post I did slag off partners and senior associates of law firms as tight-fisted nerds who were devoid of anything that resembled a personality. Perhaps that got so close to the bone, hence the post wasn't published.

Additionally, I compared all the guff on the Lex 100 and Chambers guides to Training Contracts and Pupillages to the harsh reality.

I also said that (fact) a career in law, for many, is unsustainable, and at the Bar, as only one in four obtains a pupillage, that the results of all that education are hubris, disappointment and the reek of failure. I also stated that one could be better paid as an assistant floor manager at a burger chain restaurant or working as a barista. I added that one has to be rich or a trustafarian to remain in the law.

If one cannot be blunt on RoF what can one do? OK, I said 'shitty' once. If that's the reason, I demur. But if this post is published with said scatological phrase, at least one knows that cussing is permitted.


M8 in the old days you'd have been lauded far and wide. 

Nowadays RoF makes it's money from law firms. 

The only strong opinions you'll see now from the RoF Gods is pro-EU propaganda. 

Did you accidentally post it on one of the accommodation boards?  As far as I can tell, RoF doesn't delete threads for being dull as fuck.

He probably did I thought that. I checked but they've tidied up some other misposted threads so that's probs the reason 

You seem to have learnt your posting style from reading books about 19th century empire. I think it's wonderful.

This reminds me of the time artoo wprked out how to post the word wank (b4 wanking was allowed)

Stixta, it's a possibility that I may have posted it somewhere else. I have been having a shufti on the website, without finding it.

3-Ducks. I'm quite happy with a pro-EU stance. The dystopian, low-brow, anti-intellectual post-EU little England where the populace watches reality TV and watches Farridge on BBCQT practically every week is nightmarish. Hang on, that's what it's like now. No wonder we're leaving.


Plus more cuts in the justice system, more lawyers leaving the profession, more students being deterred from entering the profession.

To continue what I wrote in the original post (unpublished).

As well as being tight-fisted nerds devoid of personalty, I also stated that most of the people in question were humourless.

Furthermore, as the SDT reports in the Gazette show, junior solicitors are being fined and/or struck off for taking shortcuts, such as creating letters or claim forms they never sent or created in the first place, or backdating them, and such errors are due to the pressures to perform, to meet billing targets while working in a toxic atmosphere.