air france long haul

Business class seems a comparative bargain. Is it any good?


Also, aren't they a bit crashy? 

Bentines has just started a thread of biz class travel

*head explodes*

He'll be thinking about flying from Heathrow next.

It all started with the sourdough culture.  It's like the living organising in the culture has taken him over in a 70s Sci-fi type of way.

Where you flying from/to?

Often they are actually operated by KLM.

Air France are splendid.

I once flew cattle class to South America and they served real Champagne. Not only that. but they came round repeatedly and topped up the glasses. Half decent legroom too.

"a bit crashy"

So? Reduces the price and makes it more exciting.

Is that true ducks?! The last time I flew long haul first class with BA the only sparkling wine they had in the overseas lounge, was a local non champagne. admittedly they had the real deal on board but still....

To be fair to bents, he probably classes a flight from Leeds to the Midlands as long haul 

I'll be sitting on an air France long haul later this month

At least a stop at CDG. 


Otherwise, I'll just go premium econ with Cathay and stop off in HK. 

Did Heathrow to HK about 10 years ago and it put me off long haul for 10 years. 

Hmm well I am flying long haul with them next week and I don't think it's operated by KLM this time, so will let you know.

The AF lounges at CDG are a bit shit.

Thanks. Not overly bothered about the frills, just want legroom and free drinks. 

You need to do that one in stages. Fly to Dubai, spend a few days there, then Singapore, same thing, then Sydney.


Don't got the time Chambo. Have to do the journey as quickly as poss. 

One reason I have never been to Australia or New Zealand. Too far away for me to sit on a plane for that long. I'd need a week to recover.

I go to the US a fair bit, but its always to Boston first (shortest flight), then meander across the country to end up in Oregon ten days later.

No time pressures admittedly.

I went Singapore in the end. Premium Econ. 


Business class will forever be out of my reach... sad

“You get on a boat” should not have made me giggle as much as it did.