your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find me some beautiful antique bedside cabinets.

I give you free rein.  At this stage looking for inspo.

how high is your bed?

how much space do you have?


Tricky - thank you!! yes, those are beautiful and what I was envisaging. 

I don't have much space and I want something classic so that they will fit in to wherever I next move.

Is this like a fette ironically asking dux for a dress suggestion?

Or did you really want some faux chinoiserie fish tank thing?

I know :(

That's why I still don't have any bedside tables and I've been looking for years!

Judy, I could see you going with just some ikea tables and draping some cloth over it.




Ok. In my head you're the classic scarlet o'hara who would like that style.



With The Old Cinema you have to haggle, please dont  pay the full price for anything there, its all overpriced. They do have great Art Deco, we got dining table and chairs from there.