2 Questions to Probate Lawyers

Is usual for the probate registry to take months to respond to correspondence?

Is there anything that can be done to speed them up?

My Mother in-law has had to apply for probate and submitted everything in March and heard nothing from them. She has emailed and gets a response saying that they intend to give a substantive response within 10 days but never hears from them again and when she has phoned they do not answer. 

It's a classic case of 'new IT system everything's gone to pot', with some centralising and cutting of staff numbers.  Winchester probate is sat on stuff going back to late March and has instructed conveyancing sols not to commit to completion dates until the backlog has been cleared.

What Volenti said, but add to that the threat of probate fees increasing so a massive pile in of applications. Plus at one point, one of the Registries ran out of the right sort of paper for the Grants?!

Anyway, it's a bit of a sh1t show and the waiting time is around 8-10 weeks for solicitors. Potentially longer for laypersons' applications as they tend to go more slowly through the system.