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"Liaw scores some cash from the firm. Back of the net!"

An ex-lawyer has admitted to scamming firms into subsidising football matches that never took place.

Adam Liaw won Australia's MasterChef in 2010, and is now a celebrity chef, but he started his career as a lawyer in Australia.

In a recent interview, Liaw confessed that he and other lawyers set up a fake football league in order to con their firms into paying them money.

Liaw recalled that when he was a young lawyer, twenty years ago: "We started a soccer team that played in this legal soccer division with a lot of other young lawyers around Adelaide at the time."

"And so each law firm had its own teams, and...every Monday we'd tell the results of the weekend, and we'd let the firm know exactly what had happened," said Liaw.

They wrote up match reports, and the firm dished out money for uniforms and "celebrations after the game."

"Except there was no soccer team," Liaw revealed. "We had orchestrated it with all the other young lawyers around Adelaide that there was this multiple league thing." 

Some of the TV hosts interviewing Liaw gasped in shock. But one responded: "That's great, I love it. This is where it's at." 

It is not known which firms were scammed by Liaw and his co-conspirators. However, according to his LinkedIn profile, Liaw worked as a solicitor at Finlaysons, Allens Arthur Robinson Group between 1999 and 2001, and he was an associate at Kelly & Co Lawyers between 2002 and 2004.

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Ironic Whine 20 May 22 09:05

Watch those millennials get on their high horse about orchestrated fraud within the legal profession…

Anonymous 20 May 22 09:40

It still goes on.

Some touch rugby teams have about one or two players for firms and the rest are ringers.

Law society 7s used to have lots of ringers back in the day.

lol 20 May 22 11:44

@ 09:40 isn't that a slightly different point in that those teams do actually play fixtures?  Sounds like these guys faked the whole thing and pocketed (or drunk) the money

Bemused 20 May 22 13:58

@anonymous at 09.40


that still goes on, a firm from east anglia had a 20 stone fijian winger and 19 stone georgian prop playing for them a few years ago (they won), i looked on their website but could not find them under the "our people" list...

Anonymous 20 May 22 16:16

I played the LS 7's in 2013 and realised as I punched a player on the ground that I recognised him.   From the TV.   He used to play for either Leinster or Ulster and recently retired young due to a knackered hamstring.  Felt a bit rude him playing against the likes of us desk jockeys whose training comprised of quitting smoking in the previous fortnight. 

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