An entrant in Australia's Miss Universe contest, Elecia Manolas, juggles her hectic schedule of low cut tops and world peace with a career in corporate law.

The 25 year-old lawyer is the legal profession's great hope for the feast of swimsuits and smiles that is the Miss Universe competition. In a voting system rivalling the US elections for complexity, Manolas has made it through the NSW preliminary finals and will be battling it out with five other hopefuls for the coveted title of Miss Universe Australia. The result will be announced later today.

    Elecia Manolas would rather be doing due dilligence

Manolas claims that the legal profession and beauty pageanting have a similar "cut throat" nature, according to a Telegraph report. She says competing for the sash and crown is challenging because "girls can get a bit catty", whereas in law the challenge comes from "a lot less (sic) jobs going around". But she's passionate about both Miss Universe and her future corporate law career: "I think I'm up to both avenues" she tells her interviewer.

Meanwhile Miss Pennsylvania could do with some legal advice, as she's being sued by Miss Universe Organization co-owner Donald Trump after she panned the contest as "fraudulent and trashy", before dramatically turning in her sash and crown.

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