An inebriated grandmother has been slapped with a $21.5k fine after her violent drunken outburst on a plane forced the pilot to re-route back to Australia.

58 year-old New Zealander Frances Macaskill was on a flight from Melbourne to Wellington to spend time with her children. She'd allegedly been on the duty free booze in the airport before boarding, according to a Herald report. Tired and emotional, she is reported to have begun swearing and punching the seats in front of her soon after the plane took off. Her outbursts quickly became physical and she's alleged to have punched a male passenger in the face, causing a cut and heavy bleeding.

Macaskill was restrained, put in flexi cuffs and secured to a seat by no fewer than three child seatbelts, after she continuously headbutted the seat in front of her. But her behaviour continued to be so disruptive, the pilot decided to turn back to Melbourne, costing Qantas nearly $18,000.

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Macaskill, who has admitted she has a drinking problem and claims to have no memory of the incident, pleaded guilty to assault and behaving in an offensive and disorderly manner. This week Melbourne Magistrates Court ordered her to pay $18k to the airline, fined her a further $3,500 and sentenced her to four months in jail, suspended for two years. She's also been banned from Qantas for ten years.
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