A student is suing her former school, Geelong Grammar, for failing to provide enough academic support to get her into law school.

Wannabe lawyer Rose Ashton-Weir boarded at the prestigious private school (alma mater of Prince Charles, royal family fact fans) between 2008 and 2009 before leaving to complete her exams at a Tafe College in Sydney. But despite her time at the elite school, famed for irs "positive psychology" approach, she failed to get the grades for law at Sydney University. So she has done what any budding lawyer might and sued, according to a report in The Age.

Despite Ashton-Weir's struggle with maths (she scored 6 out of 68 on one test), she claims she is academically gifted and instead of supporting her talent, alleges that the school was "incredibly detrimental" to her academic skills. Ashton-Weir's mother has also got in on the act, claiming $39k from Geelong Grammar for the rent she had to cough up for a larger house when her daughter moved home. Plus she's also demanding compensation for lost earnings from her abandoned chocolate fortune cookie business, which she says had "significant potential" and projected earnings of $450k between 2009 and 2012. Which is an awful lot of chocolate fortune cookies.

    One Geelong alumnus who did benefit from the school's positive psychology
The barrister for Geelong Grammar slammed the claims as "fanciful" and said that Ashton-Weir had been suspended several times, skipped classes and not handed in homework. The tribunal will resume again in August but for now the lawyer manqué is studying an arts and science degree at Sydney University. Perhaps one day she'll look back and thank her lucky stars she didn't get into law school.
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Anonymous 21 May 12 00:58

Someone is giving her very bad legal advice, indeed!