A corporate partner at Hogan Lovells has been seconded from the London office to bulk up the firm's relatively new Mongolian office.

Corporate partner Chris Melville, whose work focuses on cross border M&As, has jetted out to Ulaanbaatar (the city of "sinful nightlife and bohemian counter-culture"). He's joined managing partner Michael Aldrich, five associates and three other fee earners according to a Lawyers Weekly report, doubling the number of partners at the Mongolian outpost. Melville's experience will "add further breadth and depth to Hogan Lovells' top tier practice in Mongolia", said regional Managing Partner Crispin Rapinet from his cosy London office.

    Home sweet home for another HogLove partner

But if Melville needed any more reason to be cheerful about his migration to a city which boasts -35 degree winters, he can at least be proud of heading to a nation devoid of sexism. A Mongolian lawyer from Allens Arthur Robinson (which has just opened it's own Ulaanbaatar office) claimed in a recent interview that women don't have to fight for equality in Mongolia. Apparently that's because "culturally, girls are cherished" and while it's widely felt that while men can "revert to manual labour", women on the other hand "need a good education to actually lead a good life".

It must be a comfort for Melville that if it all goes wrong for him in Mongolia, he can always fall back on manual labour.

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