In-house lawyer Katie Metz has written Stiletto Safari, a novel about a New York lawyer who chucks it all in to become a wildlife volunteer in Africa.

Metz may not be the first lawyer with literary aspirations but she's possibly the first to write a legal-slash-wildlife opus. The heroine of Stiletto Safari is Zara Hamilton, a high flying lawyer living it up in New York City with the usual designer-clad, cocktail-based lifestyle that only fictional lawyers enjoy. But her glamorous social whirl is turned on its head when her boyfriend is sent down for insider trading and she's pushed out by her firm.

On a whim she decides to move to Africa to work as a wildlife volunteer. But will she find herself amongst the leopards? And more importantly, the questions on everyone's lips (or on Metz's website at least),  "will Zara's designer wardrobe survive?" and "can a Birkin bag really solve her problems?" Gosh.

    A safari for sore eyes

Despite claiming that the book is not autobiographical, Metz has led a similar life to her protagonist. She quit her Melbourne legal job to volunteer at a wildlife orphanage in Namibia. And whilst history doesn't relate as to the life-saving properties of her own handbag, Metz did face drama in the form of a leopard attack, according to a Lawyer's Weekly report. An incident which may have persuaded her to return to Melbourne, where she now works as a lawyer at the Australian Securities and Investment Committee.

If big game and legal angst seem like an intriguing combination, you can snap up a copy of Metz's book here. She's promised to donate some of the proceeds to an African wildlife conservation organisation and a children's home in Korea.
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