Former swimsuit model Simone Farrow has been arrested in a Gold Coast hotel, accused of masterminding an international drugs ring.

The 37 year-old former face of Ed Hardy bikinis (purveyor of tacky, tattoo-inspired swimwear) is accused of shipping methamphetamine around the world from her Sunset Boulevard apartment, hiding the drugs in packages labelled "bath salts" and "pants" she sent to Australia via Fedex. Farrow fled the US for Australia back in 2009 just before the Drug Enforcement Agency raided her apartment, according to an ABC report. She was arrested on her return to Australia and released after her friend stumped up the $150k bond.

She skipped bail for a life on the lam in the Gold Coast, but police managed to track her down in a seedy hotel this week. Looking considerably less glamorous (although more clothed) than in her modelling days, Farrow was filmed being led through Sydney Airport in handcuffs, claiming that she only skipped bail because "someone was trying to murder me."

    Farrow before she allegedly started hiding crystal meth in her pants

Formerly one of FHM's "sexiest women in the world" and a Penthouse "pet", Farrow was also attempting a career as a singer/songwriter and claims on her Facebook page to enjoy "writing literature" and "spiritual healing". But her creative plans will be staying on hold for the time being as investigators look into claims that she headed up a drugs ring of at least seven. One of the alleged gang committed suicide in a Hollywood motel shortly after being contacted by police.

Farrow is expected to face court this week in Sydney.
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