The Australian legal market is awash with rumours about a blog which purports to be the musings of an ex-stripper who had an affair with a Clayton Utz lawyer.

The Tumblr blog appeared on the internet seven months ago as a happy tale of true love between Cherry, a pole dancer, and her handsome Clutz corporate lawyer. Buoyed by promises of eternal love, a "beautiful $1.5 million house, Mercedes, and big diamond ring" (well the lawyer is two years qualified), she quit pole dancing to be the "perfect trophy wife" and got pregnant.

  A junior Clayton Utz lawyer yesterday

However, love young's dream turned sour. Cherry soon became tired of her man working 24/7 to close deals and attend court hearings for hours on end. "I find this hard to believe" she mused in one blog entry, "Judge Judy manages to squeeze in 2 court cases within a 30 min television slot". But just as things seemed to be on the up earlier this year ("he hardly brags about his watch collection anymore"), the bombshell came. Cherry's lawyer had married someone else on New Year's Eve.

It remains unclear whether the blog is genuine. And wisely Clayton Utz has refused to make any comment. But true or not, the incident is the Cherry on the cake of a terrible year for the firm in terms of its image. From sex discrimination cases to misogyny awards, Clayton Utz has certainly taken a battering.

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Anonymous 09 March 12 08:17

WOW. The blog is pretty damning - but on who? She wrote about the (alleged) relationship over many months by the looks of thinks and has photos of them together. On the other hand, who in their right believes their "partner" is living with them when the best they can do is "4 out of 7 nights" coming home? Seriously, a 2nd year M&A junior in Melb is hardly a role which requires constant "jet-setting". What do other people think?