Brisbane police have dropped wilful exposure charges against the man who allegedly bared his bum at the Queen during her trip to Brisbane. Liam Lloyd Warriner will only have to answer to a public nuisance charge.

The Sydney-based, 22 year-old barman hit the headlines last year after he was accused of dropping his pants and revealing all to the Queen as her motorcade passed through Brisbane. He was promptly arrested and charged with public nuisance and exposure. The latter charge relating to his alleged willy waving, according to an report.

    We are not amused

However, luckily for the bystanders (and the monarch), Warriner has maintained that he only exposed his rear end and not his genitals. And in a bizarre twist to the claim, he now claims to have video evidence of the stunt (filmed by a friend) which proves there was absolutely no full-on frontal exposure. "I reveal the (Australian) flag stuck between my a*** cheeks and then I slap my arse while I was yelling at Prince Phillip." Charming.

Warriner, who claims he performed the stunt for a dare, did not attend his court hearing on Wednesday but his lawyer confirmed that whilst his client would plead guilty to the nuisance charge, the exposure charge was expected to be withdrawn.

He will be sentenced on February 14 and is expected to face a hefty fine.

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