BPP University has achieved high marks in the traditional law school exam cock-up season by keeping students shut in the exam hall for an hour because there weren't enough copies of the paper.

This week GDL students taking their three hour criminal law exam were forced to wait 65 minutes before they could begin. BPP invigilators, a student told RollOnFriday, "did not have enough exam scripts for everyone". The source reported "total chaos" and "widespread cheating going on", and said that because people "were not allowed to leave" there was "no access to food until 3pm". Being told every five minutes that the exam was coming in another five minutes probably didn't help either.

    Lord of the files: how those students looked  

A BPP spokesman said, "We would like to thank all of our students [hang on this isn't an award] who experienced difficulties for their patience and they have received our apologies". He said there had been an "error in the allocation of papers between the various centres in London", and that, "it shouldn’t have happened". He added that the external examination board would "deal with the conduct of assessment issue" and that "we deal fairly with all students in these circumstances to ensure the cohort isn’t disadvantaged. BPP would like to again apologise for any inconvenience caused yesterday”. 

The examination was held at the ExCeL centre in London, where BPP appears to be cursed. Half way through an equity and trusts exam held there earlier this month, desks began vibrating and pumping music filled the room. The exam clashed with a giant show by motivational snake oil salesman Tony Robbins upstairs.
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