RollOnFriday can exclusively reveal that the annual party at Edinburgh firm Brodies descended into chaos last week as staff over-indulged in fighting juice. 

Last year we reported that lawyers at Dickson Minto had given each other a proper kicking at an alcohol-fuelled corporate retreat. It seems Brodies were determined to get even more pissed than their arch-rivals. Details are sketchy, but it appears that after staff had got themselves suitably tanked up at the free bar at the Sheraton Grand, there was a sufficiently hefty punch-up in the street for the police to be called.

Some Scots enjoying a good scrap

A spokesman for the firm confirmed that "a misunderstanding" had led to a "disturbance." Stressing that the firm doesn't condone such behaviour, he added that "those involved have been interviewed, and we're considering the appropriate disciplinary action". An insider is rather more blunt, assuring us that "heads will surely roll".

Apparently no-one was seriously injured in the incident, which only involved members of the firm. So for the moment Dickson Minto can hang onto their crown as the hardest firm in Scotland.

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