Stockinger deploys his icebreaker to begin another successful conversation.

A solicitor who blamed "wokeism" for his prosecution by the SRA has been struck off.

Victor Stockinger astounded guests with his conversational gambits at an event for Higher Court Advocates in 2019.

The lawyer, who is originally from New Zealand, warmed up the crowd with a bit of light misogyny, asking several women at the function if their boyfriends and husbands "paid towards their lifestyle", and observing that "the definition of a successful woman is one that can afford to spend anything she likes, the definition of a successful man is one who can afford such a woman".

Settling in, he then asked a Muslim human rights lawyer from Afghanistan where she was from and what languages she spoke. When she answered Dari and Farsi, Stockinger explained that she was wrong and that in fact she spoke Tajik, adding that she was "wasting her time" working in human rights when she could "return to Afghanistan to educate the Taliban on terrorism" instead.

The confident Kiwi also told a company's director of procurement that Africans "were no good at business and never ever will be", divulging that it was "Indians and Europeans who made the Congo civil".

The businesswomen, who was of African heritage, told the hearing, "I was one of the only people of colour at the event. I felt that the conversation would not have been had with anyone else".

"I was aghast. I felt quite scared to do anything about it", she said, describing the 61-year-old sole practitioner's comments as "horrific, racist and misogynist".

Stockinger successfully completed his Jim Davidson-themed bingo by asking another woman if she had any interest in genetics, before guessing wrongly that she must have Irish or Celtic ancestry.

When she responded that she was 93% Jewish according to a genetic test, Stockinger replied, "So you think you're Jewish?" She retorted, "I don't think I'm Jewish, I know I'm Jewish", to which Stockinger replied, "So you're playing the religion or race card".

Stockinger explained to the SDT that his remarks were intended as "icebreakers".

Stockinger had previously fallen out with the organiser of the event, and said the man whipped up the complaints as revenge.

"This person had an axe to grind against me", said Stockinger. "He has concocted a cabal of people who needed to make a complaint. They were all connected with each other. They were out on a mission that night", he said.

But the SDT decided the complainants' testimony was "entirely sincere", while the tribunal chair, Paul Housego, said, "This is not wokeism as Mr Stockinger suggests". He was found guilty of making racially, ethnically, or religiously motivated statements.

More critically in terms of sanctions, the lawyer was also found guilty of dishonesty for telling a fib to the SRA during its investigation.

Stockinger has now been struck off, and was ordered to pay £41,850 in costs. When the verdict was deliverd, said the reporter at the scene, Stockinger "appeared to be on the verge of tears", and gasped, "I'm traumatised".

At least he can take solace in the fact he's not the only person getting heat for dodgy race chat/innocent icebreakers this week.

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Lord Lester 06 August 21 10:27

Well I think that we all know what the BSB will have to say about this little peccadillo when their time comes...

Anonymous 06 August 21 10:29

Agree with the OP.

Man is clearly a complete walloper, some sanction deserved, but a strike-off for a single night of repeated cultural insensitivity (with no apparent malice behind it, and almost certainly with booze involved) seems a bit extreme.


Warren 06 August 21 11:06

@10:29 & 10:15 - they were not, but dishonesty always is:

"More critically in terms of sanctions, the lawyer was also found guilty of dishonesty for telling a fib to the SRA during its investigation."

Anonymous 06 August 21 11:27

"More critically in terms of sanctions, the lawyer was also found guilty of dishonesty for telling a fib to the SRA during its investigation."

Oh, fair enough then.

I got distracted laughing at the shocker of a night the chap had and that bit passed me by.

But if he's lied to the SRA then off with his head. Obv.

CPA 06 August 21 13:22

It's such a shame we still need to address the reality of this so-called ‘wokeism’, which is neither different from Critical Theory or the latest Critical Race Theory. What's all that about? How does one define equality amidst all these prejudicial concepts? 

Kiwi flagwaver 06 August 21 13:24

When you say he's "originally from NZ", could you please clarify for your readers that he's been admitted to the Law Society roll since April 1990?

Even if you're suggesting that reaching adulthood in NZ is the harbinger for such offensive behaviour, he's had over 30 years in an 'enlightened' community to change his mind about acceptable social standards and conversation. 

Not sure the NZ ref is relevant, unless there was something specific in the judgment that dealt with it. If so, let's have further details not just snide remarks. 


Anonymous 06 August 21 13:50

Is making fun of Australians okay or not? I'm asking for a friend. 

Does it matter if it is a brown person doing that in public? 

Australia is quite forward in their foreign policies, always ready to go to war. Will that be a factor? 

Where do we stand about making fun of the Chinese? Are they strong enough to be made fun of yet? Or is it a hate crime to discriminate against the Chinese, because we drove the HMS Queen Elizabeth to the South China sea recently on America's request? 

Also, Americans are made fun of, a lot, but they just want to sell things, like cars, weapons or poor lifestyles. So we make fun of that for now. 

Nothing is as important as making a joke.

Woke is a name given by people with old fashioned tastes in jokes, to young comedians who have a different taste. If woke is allowed in a regulated profession, why not fascism? 

I think unless there is a legislation banning a specific type of humour, the freedom of speech principle should always protect the neo-nazis. I'm interested in the technical argument of the decision. 

Also, can we make fun of cockneys?

Paul 06 August 21 14:41

It may be only a small consolation, but I hear he has been booked as compere for the Walker Morris Christmas party this year.


Anonymous 06 August 21 17:09

As farmers are regretting for Brexit, so are comedians. There's plenty of future but for these groups. 

Anonymous 06 August 21 17:55

Is he by any chance another victim, colonised and misplaced with whitewashed brains, trying to be a Thatcherite? They usually over do it. Trauma indeed.

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