Simmons & Simmons has been rated the most gay-friendly law firm in the country by charity Stonewall.

It's the firm's fourth year at the top of the profession, and it managed a personal best by coming in at 10th place (up from 19th last year). Six other firms made the top 100: Baker & McKenzie (19), Irwin Mitchell (33), Pinsent Masons (41), Hogan Lovells (62), Eversheds (73) and Herbert Smith (80). So a respectable showing for the sector, even if none of the Magic Circle made it.

    Simmons & Simmons yesterday

A spokesperson for Simmons said the firm was delighted, but stressed that there was much more to be done. Particularly on the international side, where the challenge was to try to make all its offices as friendly with Dorothy as London. That will be some challenge for the firm's Saudi office, given that homosexuality is illegal there and punishable by stoning to death.

Ernst & Young came top of the table, followed by the Home Office and Barclays.

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Anonymous 16 January 12 11:16

Not sure if the "Dorothy" comment was very tasteful. Everyone likes a good joke but that wasn't one.