A trainee at Shearman & Sterling is cringing under his desk after an email he sent from his work address ended up in the Sun, the Mirror, the Daily Mail and the Telegraph. Ouch.

The trainee's email described his plans for a forthcoming rugby tour. Which included chanting about how rich he is and photographing "spit-roasts". He sent the email to a friend at another law firm and, predictably, it then winged its way around the City. It reached RollOnFriday by Wednesday, and by Thursday morning the story was all over the national newspapers.
  A Shearmans trainee looks forward to a spit-roast
The email included CVs and photos of the self-styled G4 - the trainee, Daniel England, and three of his gormless mates who are heading off to the Dubai Rugby 7s. Not one to hide his light under a bushel, England says the following of himself:

Daniel's loyalty, honesty and positive attitude bring another dimension to the G4, he rarely puts himself first and can be trusted by all other team members. His whit [sic], intelligence and looks will ensure the G4 socialise with the right people in Dubai - he his [sic] definitely one to watch.

And then there are the "Tour Rules":

 (i) Cheating is allowed;
(ii) No anti-lad behavior allowed (i.e. calling girlfriends, being nice to random expats);
(iii) Everyone has each others backs;
(iv) No stealing ties or light bulbs;
(v) Compulsory gunning of parents affairs;
(vi) Mentioning parents salaries once a day; and
(vii) Being good lads (i.e. getting a round in for England);

(viii) Chants about your surrounding environment, being oily and how rich we are, are compulsory;

(ix) Public school boy 10 minutes (collars must be up) at specified 10 minutes past the hour;

(x) No cameras allowed after sunset, unless it's an underwater camera or there's a spit-roast (for evidential purposes);

(xi) high fives (and honey glaze) are obligatory during a spit-roast and after;

(xii) All universal consumption laws will be in effect  throughout the duration of the tour; and

(xiii) At least one 'Silly 5' at the bar per night.  All G4 members must go to the closest bar and get loose with their credit/debit cards.  All drinks purchased to be consumed within the allotted 5 minute time period.
A spokeswoman for Shearmans said "we are very disappointed to learn of this individual's behaviour which is totally at odds with the values of Shearman & Sterling. We are taking this matter very seriously and are investigating it in accordance with our established procedures."

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Anonymous 10 February 12 08:02

Could so easily happened to me, but in order to fit in with the values of my firm (as decided between some touchy feely consultants and a 63yr old partner in another office) I've now trained myself to be thoroughly bland.

Anonymous 10 February 12 08:05

The guy seems like a bit of a tool, but emails should be confidential. Whoever leaked it is a bigger tool.

Anonymous 10 February 12 09:21

"(v) Compulsory gunning of parents affairs;"

What does this mean? Urban dictionary tells me that "gunning" means either insulting or masturbating. Either seem plausible.

Anonymous 10 February 12 09:58

Surely this reflects upon Shearmans recruitment process as much as the actions of the individual?

In a week's time all this will be forgotten and the individuals can get on with their lives. Storm in a teacup.

Anonymous 10 February 12 10:44

Love it, particularly after the groping in the strip club incident with the vac scheme student a few years back that was plastered all over the news. What is their recruitment strategy for Pete's sake?

LauraP 10 February 12 11:00

@Anonymous 09:21. I was stumped too but according to the Daily Mail: "‘Compulsory gunning of parents’ affairs’ – meaning that whenever one of the group mentions an affair involving another’s parents, he will have to swallow an agreed portion of alcohol as a forfeit."

Anonymous 10 February 12 15:11

Elements of(iii),(viii), (ix), (xi) and (xiii) also need translating, but then I am very very old. As for emails being private, I think not. What about a firm's email policy, let alone RIPA?

Anonymous 10 February 12 15:45

"(v) Compulsory gunning of parents affairs;"

Surely it means it is compulsory for them to take the piss out of affairs involving their parents.

Why would anyone believe an explanation from the Daily Mail of all places!?!

Anonymous 10 February 12 15:57

Re anonymous 15.45

Nope, you're incorrect, as are the Daily Mail. It's definitely masturbating over parents' affairs

Anonymous 10 February 12 16:14

Most people are OK and most lawyers are OK, but there is a higher instance of nauseating, spoilt, nasty individuals like this guy and his disgusting friends that give the profession a bad name. I'm sure his parents (who, I imagine (unconfirmed), have packed him off to boarding school and showered him with money in place of parental love and guidance) will be proud!

Anonymous 10 February 12 16:33

I had the email sent to me by a friend who knows one of the guys involved and it was headed - "bet this will go viral". Apparently he is as much of a tool as this email suggests. Maybe, cynically, this is someone's way out of being a lawyer and going off to do something more interesting instead! Probably with the money of the parents he'll go set up his own boutique enterprise on the back of the publicity this has generated!

Anonymous 10 February 12 18:20

It was ok until he introduced class into the equation. Hope he loses his job so mummy and daddy can support him. They must be so proud.

Anonymous 10 February 12 22:03

'Gunning' is drinking. Standard rugby tour rules...most aren't as stupid to do this over work e-mail. I'm sure he's worth every penny, for his 'whit and intelligence' alone.

Anonymous 12 February 12 04:14

There isn't anything particularly shocking about this email. It's obviously intended to be humorous and laddish. Rugby trips are a bit like this. Some of the participants will actually get laid and some of them won't. All of them will get drunk a lot. There will be a lot of silly banter and some silly games. That's really all the email is saying. Their only problem is that this email has gone viral and so lots of slightly bored and slightly boring people are now casting judgement including at their respective firms.

Later on they will live out fairly dull middle class lives just like you but for now without wives and with a little cash and still with the nonsense of youth they will have some fun.

Not a lot to see here.

Anonymous 13 February 12 17:07

I don't think you can sack trainee solicitors - it is exceptionally difficult without getting the Law Society involved (he isn't qualified yet).

As for the others, one of them isn't even working yet.

Anonymous 09 February 13 08:30

I went to boarding school. But i didnt turn out like that. so much could be written and said. However one will suffice. Shall i let you guess....here is a clue. Begins with T and ends in Wats!