The RollOnFriday Firm of the Year survey results are in, revealing where lawyers, trainees and support staff are happiest, and where they dream of burning the office to the ground and lynching the managing partner.

Last week Burges Salmon and Shearman & Sterling were crowned the joint winners of Firm of the Year 2016, while the Golden Turd was shoved through the letterbox of Hill Dickinson. But with 62 firms qualifying for the survey, it reveals far more than just a winner and a loser.

RollOnFriday asked law firm staff to rate pay, career development, work/life balance, management and culture at their firm. They were also asked to score the social life, loos and meeting room biscuits. Over 4,700 lawyers, trainees and support staff answered the call and sat in judgment. So, where did your firm come?

The arrows denote a swing of five percentage points or more from a firm's 2015 score.

Ten firms are new joiners this year: Weil, Reed Smith, Wragge, Shakespeare Martineau, HFW, Kennedys, BLM and the turdy triumvirate of Sullivan & Cromwell, Slater & Gordon and Hill Dickinson.

Three firms saw big swings in their scores. Last year's Golden Turd Trowers & Hamlins generated many more responses and rose by 34 points. Many came to set the record straight, like the partner who said that the "bad press which this firm has had - including the Golden Turd" is "completely undeserved". The other big movers were in the opposite direction, with Ince & Co ("staff fall into two camps, egotistical sociopathic fuckheads and the clinically depressed") and Irwin Mitchell ("sweat shop") sinking like stones. Inmates marked them 20 and 31 points lower than last year, respectively. Ouch.

    50% of Ince & Co, apparently
However, with a decent average score across the field of 69%, it is by no means a grim picture at UK law firms. Though only one staffer (at Bird & Bird) was happy enough to claim: "I wouldn't give up working if I won the lottery".
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Anonymous 29 January 16 12:12

anonymous user
29/01/2016 10:13
"No mention of Watson Burton" - no staff left to take part...

Anonymous 30 January 16 21:04

Irwin Mitchell sunk like a stone. The Thomas Eggar legacy staff must be really proud of the firm they've joined

Anonymous 31 January 16 14:23

Wait until the redundancies begin at Irwin Mitchell. A firm that loses 20 partners a year won't be shy about getting rid of the TE staff.

Jamie Hamilton 02 February 16 11:22

Hi anon. We have a cut-off and didn't receive enough responses from Taylor Wessing staff, unfortunately.

Anonymous 02 February 16 12:59

Parabis/Plexus went completely bust, got broken up and sold off, but their staff are still more than TWICE as happy as those at Hill Dickinson?! I think some sort of rescue mission needs to be organised.

Anonymous 02 February 16 13:12

@anom 12:59. You don't want to take on the 'perma tanned mafia'. Unless it's through litigation. In which case, expect Counsel to draft everything and a generous settlement at listing questionnaire stage.