RollOnFriday's Firm of the Year 2019 survey is open.

Anonymous, quick and revealing, but less explicit than anything else which fits that description, it is the UK’s largest and most comprehensive survey of life in private practice. 

Everyone from solicitors to trainees to PAs to paralegals is invited to take part. Rate on a scale from 'excellent' to 'dreadful' your pay, work-life balance and career development, and your firm's management, culture, snacks and loos.

Over 5,000 people gave their two cents last year. Osborne Clarke, Burges Salmon and Mills & Reeve emerged victorious with 83% apiece and were crowned joint Firms of the Year 2018Irwin Mitchell came bottom with 23% and was crowned lone Golden Turd 2018.

To the victor the spoils.


To the loser the soil.


Is your firm great to work at, or does it deserve a priceless dump? What's it really like in there at the moment? It's up to you to provide the unvarnished truth, or, in the case of partners and the PR team, the varnished truth. Join in, leave some comments and get it off your chest.


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Anonymous 11 Dec 18

ROF - I really thought you would show more inclusivity by not using the derogatory non person nomenclature (non fee earner for instance). In firms which are inclusive, the term business service executive serves quite nicely.  ROF - you are invited to join the modern world which is both diverse and inclusive.

Anonymous 10 Dec 18

Well, thank God some firms from London are included in this list. Usually it's just those people in the biggest firms that are based outside the main cities that get to take part in these things. Well done to RoF for being courageous and including some plucky city firms that don't make the Top 100 whilst leaving out those big provincial players.

Fendergender 08 Dec 18

You sound like fun, sex-not-gender. Why don't you just tick the 'prefer not to say' box? Or 'other', which presumably encompasses 'none'?

Sex not gender 08 Dec 18

sorry ROF can't fill in your survey as you ask for "gender". I don't have a gender as in my (and lots of other people's view) Gender is a social construct.  I'm therefore unable to answer your first question.

Big Ern 07 Dec 18

Good to know Mark. I think they want you to put that in the survey though. Maybe try to sound less like a PR. Otherwise good work.

Mark 07 Dec 18

Honestly can't imagine working anywhere else. Bring on the refurbished office with a number of funky new staff lounges for 2019! Makes doing top-ticket work genuinely pleasurable.

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