RollOnFriday has launched Firm of the Year 2015, the definitive poll for lawyers in the UK.

The survey asks lawyers to rate how satisfied they are with their firms, including their pay, career development and, of course, their loos and meeting room biscuits. The firm with the happiest staff will be crowned RollOnFriday Firm of the Year 2015. The firm which gets the biggest slating will receive the infamous Golden Turd. It's up to you.

RollOnFriday staff calibrating the survey equipment yesterday

In 2014 Latham & Watkins came top, closely followed by a slew of US firms whose lawyers' appalling work/life balance was more than offest by incredible pay packets. Perennial high-acheiver Bird & Bird was praised by staff for its excellent training and humane working hours, but still slipped to second place. 

Meanwhile the Golden Turd was thrown at Parabis, with dozens of inmates voting it the unhappiest firm at which to work in the country. But now the shiny shit is up for grabs once more, and so is the Firm of the Year award. And this year, for the first time, in-house lawyers can give their verdict in the inaugural RollOnFriday In-House Lawyer Survey 2015.

Each survey takes seconds, and provides you with a chance to lavish praise and/or deliver some payback. So why are you still reading this? Click here if you work at a law firm and here if you're in-house.
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