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The first 1,000 entries have arrived for the RollOnFriday Best Law Firms to Work At 2024 after it opened last week.

Add your submission below and let the legal sector know whether you levitate from place to place in a cloud of dopamine or stick CVs on lampposts with ten tabs saying ‘take me’.

Do you have a great team around you? Are you given support? Is the work good? Then do your colleagues a solid and give your firm a fat thumbs up.

Or has management fumbled the ball? Is the WFH policy crackers? Are you paid peanuts and forced to caper for treats? Do everyone else a favour and say so.

If the first submission for the 2024 survey is prophetic the Golden Turd will be winging its way to Slater and Gordon, where management is “Rudderless”.

But it’s a numbers game, which means the firm praised in the most recent entry before ROF went to deadline, Sullivan & Cromwell, has a way to go if it wants the top spot. Pay is “top of the market” and you don’t have to waste it on food as there’s “Free breakfast and lunch, 5 days a week!”

Maybe put the boot in like entry 858, whose creator said their London Office Manager enjoys “bullying the EAs” and “Going on 3 hour lunches and being unresponsive but claiming to be available”.  

Measured is always possible, of course, as demonstrated by the Linklaters lawyer who said that “Silk Street is rubbish now, but the new office looks nice” – as long as management steers clear of open plan, “probably the only thing that would make me immediately start looking for other jobs”.

Use your power of anonymity wisely, and hand down your judgment.


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Sorry, the survey is now closed. Thanks for trying! But you are too late. Why, why so late?

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Postman Pat hates the Wombles 10 November 23 09:04

I think Wombles will be mid-table. At the end of the day, if you’re still with a law firm that creamed £60m from the biggest miscarriage of justice in British history, you probably don’t care if your marketing team sends in lots of positive votes.

future-fit leadership is increasingly an improvisational art 10 November 23 10:21

I would be surprised if Slater and Gordon get mentioned as they are really insignificant now, only 181 solicitors and probably weeks away from being sold to Irwin Mitchell or going bankrupt.

All right - we'll call it a draw. 10 November 23 15:28

Anyone else reminded of the black knight from Monly Python's Holy Grail whenever anyone mentions Knights?

I Predict a Riot 13 November 23 11:50

Mills & Reeve to take top spot; Clydes to drop 10 places; DWF to drop 20 places; Irwins for golden turd

A Fate Worse than Sheffield 13 November 23 20:56

Which is more humiliating? Being bought up by Irwin Mitchell or going insolvent?

Truth speaker 17 November 23 01:04

You need to get SSB Group on the list for this year. My word that firm will have the Golden Turd signed, sealed and delivered within the next week. What an utter shambles of a “law firm”

Trusted Adviser 17 November 23 07:47

Spill the beans.

Don’t just trot out your firm’s marketing speil, it’s dull and dishonest.

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