The RollOnFriday Firm of the Year 2018 survey closes soon, and only a handful of responses have been received from some firms. Unless more staff chip in, this will be the last we hear from the gallant insiders featured here.

They include staff at HRH's favoured firm, where a non-fee-earner dubbed her Farrer & Co colleagues "self-righteous t***s" for "thinking they are better than anyone else because they get to send the Queen a Christmas card". Another non-fee-earner at Farrers called the culture "toxic", saying she had "seen girls crying in the toilets".

Up north, life at Scottish firm Brodies was "tantamount to indentured servitude", said an associate. Lawyers "are not allowed to eat the snacks" and there is "no free coffee either. It's a Scottish firm after all". A colleague agreed: "The partners rake it in while the rest of us are told no pay rises and no bonus". She said, "the truth is they have a 'creative' marketing department. Pity I didn't find this out until after I'd relocated and accepted the job".

  "I see. And how long have you been crying in the toilets?"

But it's not all black spots. Foot Anstey was billed the "best firm I've worked at for work/life balance by a country mile" by a senior associate, and his only complaint was that "the hand dryers have the power of an asthmatic gnat". Better loo news at Debevoise & Plimpton, courtesy of the "recent introduction of hygiene spray for the seats".

At PwC, lawyers were apparently told salaries were benchmarked against the Silver Circle. "And that is true", said a junior. "Salaries are consistently £10k less than the Silver Circle". The accountants recently culled PAs for all non-partners, said another solicitor. "Everyone else has a virtual secretary that can respond to your query within six hours (which is completely useless)". But a senior solicitor maintained there should be "more publicity as to how good it is". PWC is, after all, a firm where the legal partners "are not remotely influential".

Last word goes to a Browne Jacobson solicitor who wants help. "If David Brent managed a law firm then this would be it", he claimed. "They have all these brand words which are utterly meaningless. Like wtf is mogility?"

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Roll On Friday 12 January 18 19:16

Being self-righteous tits isn't smart when Rigby & Peller have just lost their Royal Warrant

Anonymous 13 January 18 07:53

Mogility. How awful.
Extreme mix of agility, and mobilty resulting in a freakish athletic preformance.
Micheal Vick has some sick Mogility".

So does that mean they all take part in the Olympics or are just bad at English?

Anonymous 14 January 18 16:06

PWC has many qualities as an employer but competitive salary is not one of them, in my experience

Anonymous 16 January 18 14:05

At Charles Russell Speechlys the firm put on x3 Pantomime performances for the first time this January 2018 at the Bridewell theatre. There was around 90 people involved including cast and crew from all UK offices in London, Guildford and Cheltenham. I am proud to say the Panto was a huge hit not only did the performances exceed the audiences expectations it brought so much more to the firm. It has given the opportunity to met so many people within the firm, raise money for our charity of the year, boost moral and most of all it has made me feel exceptionally proud to work at Charles Russell Speechlys.

Anonymous 19 January 18 19:36

iIt's bit of a witch hunt if we at Farrer ever put anything bad on here about the firm. Besides Phillip would have us done over. So let everyone just think it's all rosy here