Fawziyah Javed

Fawziyah Javed.

A man has been charged with the murder of a solicitor who was also a dedicated charity worker.

Fawziyah Javed fell from Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh on Thursday 2 September, and although paramedics were called at around 9pm, she died at the scene.

Her husband, 27-year-old Kashif Anwar, has now been charged with her murder. The newlyweds had been holidaying in Scotland when they climbed the landmark.

Anwar made no plea when he appeared in court, and has been remanded in custody.

Javed "had a bright start to her legal career" at Lyons Davidson Solicitors, said the firm, having worked in its Leeds employment team as a paralegal before becoming a trainee and qualifying into the practice as a solicitor in March 2020.

"She made a great impression with both her colleagues and customers, winning Newcomer of the Year in 2016 and in July of this year was again recognised for the support and assistance she gave other teams during the pandemic".

"Fawziyah was a successful lawyer, a great colleague, and a good friend to many in the business. Our thoughts are with her family and friends at this difficult time", said the firm.

Since 2015 the 31-year-old had also volunteered at a chairty to help homeless people.

Osman Gondal, chief executive of the InTouch Foundation, said, "You can have people who volunteer for, maybe, a a day once a month. But whenever we needed her, she would always get involved".

"We have lost a community champion - somebody who had a passion and drive to help people that were in need", he said.

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Anonymous 10 September 21 08:34

"A man" has been charged with murder? It's her F******* HUSBAND.

Too beholden to the incel brigade to call a spade a spade, are we now?

Anonymous 10 September 21 08:59

It says it's her husband in the third line.

Anonymous 10 September 21 09:03

Referring to the 'incel brigade' is sexist.

anon 10 September 21 09:30

This is so desperately sad and heartbreaking. She seems to have worked so hard for others and made a big impact in such a tragically short career. I can't imagine how her family, friends and colleagues can even start to process this. Rest in peace Fawziyah.

Anony-mouse 10 September 21 12:46

Interesting that the main stream media failed to report the fact her job was as a solicitor, instead framing her as a volunteer only. If you're going to report on what she did in her career by mentioning her volunteer you should also report on her actual employment to give a balanced picture of the person. Classic example of reporters and newswriters creating clickbait rather than objective factual reporting. 

Anonymous 10 September 21 13:20

Bit sexist to even mention the sex (not gender) of the accused at all really. Can't see how it adds anything to the story.

Just another hook for the creepy people who like to classify people by their genitals to get their hooks into.

Anonymous 10 September 21 16:34

Arthur's Seat has one of the best views of Edinburgh. It's a place of beauty and it's so sad that she passed away in such a place. 

S 10 September 21 20:27

@13.20; @12.46 @9.03 @8.34 you do all see that a young girl was tragically murdered? Commenting under the piece in the way you all have is rank. There are loads of places to do that this isn’t one. 

Anonymous 11 September 21 10:35

"Just another hook for the creepy people who like to classify people by their genitals to get their hooks into." 

As opposed to those creepy people that want to reclassify everyone according to outdated gender stereotypes? 

If, as one TRA said, being a woman is "an attitude", then other victims of violent husbands must be able to have a different attitude to avoid similar dreadful fates.

Anonymous 12 September 21 22:26

Not sure it's even that ok to mention the fact that the other human was her husband really.

Is her involvement with an outdated patriarchal norm really relevant to that person's individual identity? Not to mention that you assume their gender by using 'husband' as a title rather than the modern term 'legally recognised life partner'.

RoF really should have just lead with 'a presumed human being has been charged with the allegedly unlawful death of another presumed human being'.

Anonymous 13 September 21 16:50

You'd do better to direst your ire towards those mentioning 'incels', S 10, not those calling them out.

Orwell 13 September 21 21:08

Making fun of lethal domestic violence. Nice. Hope your mothers are proud of you.

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