Trainees try to make it to qualification


Linklaters has posted a stellar trainee retention score of 94% this spring, with 49 out of 52 of its qualifying trainees staying at the firm.

Across firms, the cohorts set to qualify in the spring would have commenced their training contracts around the start of the first lockdown in March 2020. So hats off to them (and pyjama bottoms on) for managing to impress their supervisors and bond with colleagues, from screens on their kitchen table or bedroom.  

Richard Hodgson, Trainee Development Partner at Linklaters said "A much deserved congratulations to our March qualifying intake - successfully completing their training contracts almost entirely virtually and starting just a week before lockdown is no mean feat. It will be a pleasure to see their careers take-off at Linklaters.”

It follows a good retention run for Linklaters during the pandemic. The firm also posted a score of 94% last autumn, 92% in spring 2021 (keeping 46 out of 50 qualifiers, plus one NQ on a fixed term contract), and 85% in autumn 2020 (45 out of 53, plus a fixed term contract).

Slaughter and May has achieved a solid retention score of 85%, as the firm is keeping 33 out of 39 qualifying trainees. The firm had a retention rate of 82% last autumn, and 93% in both spring 2021 and autumn 2020.

BCLP has posted a so-so retention rate of 72%, as 13 of its 18 trainees across London and Hong Kong have accepted roles (71% for just the UK).

BCLP's Senior Emerging Talent Adviser Grace Ambrose said: “As we all continue to feel the impact of Covid on our working lives we are proud of the resilience our trainee cohort has shown and are delighted that we were able to extend offers in our key practices to so many NQs.”

Last autumn the firm kept 86% of its qualifying trainees across its UK and Hong Kong offices (85% for the UK), and posted a retention rate of 88% in spring 2021, and 76% in autumn 2020. 

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Actual Retention 21 January 22 09:26

All well and good posting 90+% but what do the numbers look like 6-12 months later?

No end of magic circle trainees qualify and then jump to a US shop within a couple of months.

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