Scientific testing has revealed that lawyers are dirty beasts who never clean their desks and are happy to wallow in their own filth.

Office supplier Viking tested swabs sent in by desk jockeys from hundreds of offices across the UK, before proudly announcing that it is lawyers (along with accountants and IT workers) who have the most unhygienic workstations. So well done the legal profession.
    A lawyer at work

It seems that desks, phones and two thirds of computer keyboards were found to be riddled with germs - with some even sprouting mould. This is because two thirds of office types eat lunch at their desks - and then singularly fail to clean up afterwards. Viking found this "staggering", thus demonstrating that working hours in the office supplies business are rather gentler than those in the legal profession.
Dr Lisa Ackerley said "there are some very unhygenic desks right now in the UK, which is very worrying". Don't have nightmares, now.
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Anonymous 07 October 11 12:05

With regards Lawyers being the filthiest of workers, it might have something to do with the cleaners employed as I have been with a company now for 8 months and my desk is never cleaned by the cleaners, I can tell as there are tea rings where my cup has been that are still there months later unless I clean it myself.

Anonymous 07 October 11 12:28

Not only are they the filthiest, but they also steal! Leave anything in the fridges overnight and its gone by the morning!

Anonymous 07 October 11 13:36

If they had proper cleaners, instead of overnight people, then desks and computers would be a lot cleaner. However I always cleaned my own desk and computer when I was working for a large law firm

Anonymous 07 October 11 14:31

I'm sure most cleaners of law firms are instructed not to touch ANYTHING. So clearly, if you leave your desk cluttered, it won't get cleaned. Also, people, as long as the conference rooms are nice and tidy, we can economise on the cleaners for the staff ;).

Anonymous 07 October 11 16:26

Most "cleaners"in law firms get treated like dirt so its hardly surprising if they aren't exactly fastidious or committed to their job. Most lawyers are also dirty pigs who wouldn't know how to keep anything tidy.

Anonymous 07 October 11 22:32

I never understand why people eat at their desks so often. Unless im absolutely manic I always find time to get away from the desk. There's nothing more depressing than taking lunch from the canteen in a polystyrene case and taking it to your desk. Surely quickly eating in the canteen takes no longer than the average number 2, and I sincerely hope that isn't done at the desk.

Anonymous 12 October 11 17:40

Sounds about right, pulled a lawyer once, and she took me back to her place, I left before we got down to it, it was just so minging.

Anonymous 11 January 12 13:19

To the first comment, how ruddy well lazy are you? Tea rings are one thing but it’s not the cleaners’ job to tidy up after you. Do you have someone at home to wipe your backside?

Having come from an IT background it’s a disgrace how people expect us to work around them at their desks. I instruct my team now to refuse a job if the work surface isn’t clear and they all have antibacterial wipes at hand.

However I will also add it’s not just the top of the desks, its underneath too. Over my years when i was at the bottom run of the IT ladder I helped people out at their desks. Is there a reason women need to have 5 or 6 pairs of shoes under there, all of which have an inch of dust over them? Also it’s not nice to have to crawl over worn underpants/knickers and tights. I just don’t think I could work in such squalor.
work in such a squaller