A Sydney lawyer who was accused by his female neighbour of secretly filming her while she exercised at home has said that he was legitimately filming the exterior walls of her flat in connection with a property dispute.

Phillip Manwarring has watched in horror as the story that he recorded his neighbour in her gym kit went around the world. The Daily Mail reported that his neighbour, 'Angelica', was "shocked" to see see a phone attached to a selfie-stick and large pole emerging behind her balcony as she exercised at home, and that she grabbed a shirt and hid behind a wall. The Sun described Manwarring's filming device as a "creepy cam". 

But Manwarring, Head of Legal at Gresham, a fund management business in Sydney, told RollOnFriday that the claims were "false and hurtful". He said he had obtained permission from the building's owners' committee to repair deteriorating walls around Angelica's family flat, which was above his own, but had been refused access to the apartment on 19 separate occasions. He said he used the phone on a selfie-stick, with engineers and builders present, to film the external walls so they could watch the footage live and check for any damage. He added that the film "only shows the walls" of the property, not anyone in their leotard.

  Manwarring. Not trying to be secret. Part 1  

   Part 2. Ooo sexy.  

Part 3. This is not what a secretive pervert looks like. (This is.)   

The Mail also slobbered that Angelica had spotted Manwarring's car outside her family's other, half-finished, house. But Manwarring told RollOnFriday that he was only there to gauge when it would be finished, because once completed they might move out of the flat above him."Having observed that it was a long way from completion,"  he told ROF, "the following day I made the decision to remove my family from our apartment and to rent elsewhere". 
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Anonymous 18 May 18 11:37

Judging by the location of the apartments, overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the North Shore, all parties involved are ridiculously loaded.

Anonymous 18 May 18 14:31

I really want to know the back story to this and why he wants to move away from her? Noisy pilates?

Anonymous 18 May 18 14:42

Actually in this case I believe him because he had other people with him doing the works and it sounds like she is very difficult if she refused entry to her flat 19 times.

Anonymous 18 May 18 17:46

Anon @13.42 I agree, he's being very obvious that he's filming and not trying to hide it. Also unlikely that he would lie about having builders round at the time, because that is something that could be easily proved or disproved in a police investigation.
Looks like his neighbour has just gone for a cunning, underhand tactic of ruining his name by twisting it into a privacy matter

Anonymous 20 May 18 10:39

I found 'Angelica's' behaviour inappropriate in sexualising what is a dispute between neighbours and publicly shaming Manwarring. I think 'Angelica' should talk to her parents about allowing Manwarring to do the work he needs to do if she has genuine concerns about privacy. Also, I think it is unfair that the alleged victim is named in media reports and not the alleged perpetrator - it should be both or neither.

Anonymous 12 December 18 12:52

What is he denying ??

Isnt that him at the end of that makeshift  camera on a stick  ???

What was he looking at anyway ? Engineering reporting  by selfie. LOL    I thought he was a lawyer not an engineer  

Would you trust this man to represent you in any legal matter.

Anonymous 12 December 18 13:01

I’m an Engineer no one in my profession of any repute would inspect a wall using this contraption.  

This ridiculous and doesn’t pass the pub test. 

Camera is not pointing at the wall from the picture it’s pointed straight into the balcony window.  Huge invasion of privacy. Man lacks good judgement.