A lawyer has defended himself after being criticised for posting a video of himself driving a Ferrari to his office. 

Lawyer and RollOnFriday legend Sham Uddin, "Solicitor, Barrister, Share trader, Writer, Actor, Presenter",  posted a video on LinkedIn about the launch of his new barristers' chambers. In the clip Uddin pulls up (gingerly) in a red Ferrari, climbs out and announces that he will be hosting an opening party soon. In the 35 second video the Ferrari is given a mere 27 seconds of air time.


Uddin was hoping that people would notice the Ferrari. And they did. Some of his followers were impressed, although this commentator might have been referring to the car's poor manoeuvrability:

You see Ferrari


A marketing guru saw it as an opportunity to plug his services:



But was rebuffed:

Mike tweet


One lawyer, however, took a pop, which lead to Uddin threatening to report him to the SRA:

moron comment


The pair continued their conversation, which came close to flirting:



In a further exchange, Uddin was asked whether he actually owned the Ferrari:



He responded with perfect legal clarity:

Car response

Uddin addressed his "haters" with follow-up posts on LinkedIn. He managed to simultaneously channel Right Said Fred and a criminal on the run:



In another post, he took a zen approach to "derogatory language" by flopping into a pond:



Perhaps milking the material, he parodied his own art, by replacing the Ferrari with a Toyota:

Sham car


And then he posted a picture of himself riding a horse in the desert.



He also gave himself the title of "The Bengal Tiger". And provided bona fide proof:

Tiger 01


And then went one step further:

Tiger mask

Uddin is not the first legal colossus among LinkedIn lightweights. Another lawyer used the platform to duff up a log outside court.

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Lydia 11 January 19 09:33

He is so funny. I am sure he will do well in his new chambers. Doesn't take himself too seriously. I like the Toyota after the Ferrari touch too.

Warren 11 January 19 12:14

Its good this sort of thing in a way - if deluded narcissists realised what people actually think of this sort of thing, it would be much harder to spot them and take appropriate evasive action. 

Bengal Ferrari Sporty Rider 22 January 19 14:09

I'd have a better desk in my office if I was driving a Ferrari and riding an Arabian thoroughbred. 

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