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Natasha Cox

An inspirational and much-loved solicitor has died from cancer, just days after she qualified. 

Natasha Cox, from Pembrokeshire, joined the employment team at Redkite Solicitors in 2015 as a legal adviser and then undertook the LPC. She qualified as a solicitor at the start of this month, before passing away last week. 

“Tash’s dedication and passion in all elements of her life could be felt by everyone around her," Paul James, head of commercial services at Redkite Solicitors, told RollOnFriday. "Her spirit was infectious and her positive approach to everything she faced inspired us all." 

"Tash had a profound impact on so many people," he added. "Her legacy will be kept alive in the firm and we will continue to celebrate her inspirational story. On a personal note, I could not have asked for a better friend and colleague. Her compassion and humour brought us all so much joy, and I am proud and honoured to have known such an inspiring woman.” 

Natasha was very active, running half marathons and playing competitive hockey. She was first diagnosed with cancer in 2016. Following treatment, she was given the 'all-clear' in 2020, but the cancer returned in 2021. In an interview with Wales Online last year, she spoke about getting married last summer in a "dream wedding". 

During her illness, a Gofundme page was set up for Natasha for her treatment and to support her family. The page currently has over £84,000 in donations. 

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Grumpy git 16 February 24 09:28

Fair play to her. I’d have given up and wasted away at home watching reruns of Judge Rinder.

Question 17 February 24 07:36

Why is “inspirational” in the title in quotation marks? The “” suggest that the author does not find her inspirational (even though that is the case).  

If you use “” around a positive word make clear it is a quote and from whom. Otherwise you may inadvertently express the opposite….

bananaman 19 February 24 10:12

It's a quote from her boss you pedantic dimwit. I expect the author doesn't know her and wants to write a balanced story as a journalist. Therefore they rely on quotes and information from others. 

Anon 22 February 24 15:31

Question 17 February 24 07:36 

I bet you are a "bag of laughs" to work with. 

Take the story for what it is (about an incredibly talented, dedicated and hard working individual who will be sorely missed) rather than focusing on the minutiae.

Thanks for sharing this heartfelt (and exceptionally sad) story ROF. My thoughts go out to Natasha's friends and family.


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