Two trainees at Herbert Smith have apparently been disciplined after they were caught getting jiggy at a firm party.

The real estate team had thrown a - clearly very successful - "get to know you" drinks for trainees and had rolled in a trolley laden with alcohol to help with the mingling. And it seemed to help one couple in particular. RollOnFriday has heard various reports, ranging from them engaging in, ahem, a non-penetrative sex act in an adjoining room, to them spiriting the trolley away from the party, drinking all the booze and then celebrating their achievement by having sex on the empty trolley.

    Oooh, you sexy thing 

The firm declined to comment on whether the trainees were caught in flagrante or just dobbed in it later. But either way insiders say they found themselves in front of a disciplinary committee.

A spokesman for Herbert Smith said that the firm "takes all issues relating to the conduct of our staff very seriously, and will always investigate and take appropriate action as necessary".
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