The legal community was gripped with excitement this week as former Linklaters associate Kingsley Ford asked for the hand of TV presenter Millie Clode in marriage.

The happy couple announced their news to an excited Britain, with a full pictorial in the latest edition of celebrity rag, OK! Here are a few highlights.

    The happy couple (with Sizzle in a box)

OK! readers learned that Clode reads the autocue on presents Sky Sports News, while Ford - who is inexplicably known to his fiancee as 'Bing' - is a solicitor. She is a natural in front of the camera while Bing, on the other hand, wears the rictus grin of a man who would prefer to be picking over a sale and purchase agreement at midnight.

Millie was at Oxford Poly but Bing went to Christ Church, Oxford where, a fellow student tells RollOnFriday, he was a "wannabe Casanova" (although she did add that he has "aged well"). Apparently they met at a black tie event, and Bing pursued her "for ages", Terminator-like. [That's enough tedious drivel, get on with it, ed.]

However it seems there are three in this relationship: Sizzle, Clode's dachshund, will apparently be the ring bearer at the wedding. Barf.

A jealous Sizzle prepares to latch onto Bing's ankle

Millie is apparently happy with her husband-to-be and small dog, and doesn't want for much more, having previously told the Daily Star that she was enjoyed being a "law WAG".

RollOnFriday wishes the happy couple, but mainly Sizzle, well.
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