Hundreds of lawyers, trainees and support staff have spilled the beans on their firm in the opening week of the RollOnFriday Firm of the Year 2015 survey.

Latham & Watkins took the crown in 2014, but there are signs its halo may be slipping with reports of "power struggles" in the London office. And it's not the only US firm with interesting UK politics: a White & Case associate says certain practices are run like "a self-interested cartel", cautioning "don't be surprised by the horse head on your desk".

    A White & Case lawyer's birthday is an opportunity to celebrate as well as warn
But in general, the Faustian pact of money for souls seems to be working for lawyers at US firms. A Kirkland & Ellis partner reports that while peers "genuinely don't think it's odd to call your mobile at 11pm on a Saturday with a surprise question" the "stacks of cash" are an adequate balm. A senior associate agrees, bemoaning the hours and the "lunatic clients... but fuck me the money is good".

Money is on a lot of lawyers' minds, including a Slaughter and May associate who's losing his/her temper. Not because of the "very long" hours, the "very difficult" work, or the "very little certainty" about prospects, but because they're getting paid "the same (maybe less?) than a fucking pipsqueak at FF/Links".

Freshfields lawyers haven't been as disparaging of Slaughters, yet. Instead one notes that while the job is demanding, it's "not slavery and you can always leave if that's not your favourite brand of vodka". Though there are some issues. Another Freshfields associate has noticed "lots of dead wood at the top of the equity". Luckily they have a suggestion: "Please retire and spend some time with the family you've neglected/avoided for the last 20 years".

It's left to an Allen & Overy associate to explain why one solicitor might be skipping family time. There's apparently a "very senior partner in the Corporate practice" who "undermines his management role by dallying with junior (blonde) associates".
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Anonymous 12 December 14 15:30

Haha bitter much - maybe the junior at Freshfields is just better than you!

Anonymous 17 December 14 22:04

I left Slaughters at 4PQE partly because I was sick of the superior attitude of many of the associates. Now at another MC firm where I am paid more and the lawyers are in many respects better. They are just as smart, noticeably more efficient with their time/their clients' money and - bonus - manage not to give off the impression that they think everyone not working here is pondscum.