The RollOnFriday Firm of the Year survey is open to all tiers of staff, including partners, and dozens have been spilling the beans on what life is like on the notepaper at their firm.

Many are appreciative of you little people. A Travers Smith partner wants it known that, "many clients remark on the quality of our associates". There's sympathy for the minions at Clyde & Co, where a partner objects to "forcing new trainees into an excruciating communal choir exercise" as part of their induction. "For the love of all thing good and right who thought this was even remotely acceptable." 

There are mixed views from the men and women marching Nabarro to the discrete Swiss clinic otherwise known as a merger with CMS. One says the firm has a "very good training contract scheme and therefore a stand out group of associates", meaning that "I will be sad to see it go". Another is sterner, ruling that Nabarro has "needed to do something for a while or get left further behind", concluding, "I think people are very excited by it".

Over a hundred Trowers & Hamlins staff have entered the survey, but one partner has already written off its chances, grumbling that "given Trowers' public sector client base, we are never going to win a salary survey". It is not just a salary survey of course, but perhaps he's still haunted by the Golden Turd.

It's turnaround time at Addleshaw Goddard, where a partner says there's a "real sense of direction and opportunity following some tough years". Apparently The Lawyer didn't help, because it "hates us and deliberately puts a negative spin on non-stories". And, "clearly we have a rogue partner who leaks stories to the press, often in advance of the wider partnership even knowing the subject matter". Dear Rogue Partner, respond here.

  A rogue partner smuggles out some plans (not that AG is the Death Star of course) 

At Irwin Mitchell there is, says one partner, "an obsession with recruiting washed up has beens into Business Legal Services". They are a "waste of space" and a "total drain" on the firm. Also, "Why are massive dividends being paid to people who continue to hold shares but have either retired or they work for competing businesses?" It is "utter stupidity".  At Slater & Gordon  there are at least "fewer Australians now", says a partner, and management are "willing to admit they ballsed up, and apologise".

Back in the City, Kirkland & Ellis is "in a state of cultural civil war",  according to one nature-loving partner, "the battle fought between the indigenous Kirkland species (the red squirrels) and the imposters from Linklaters (the gray squirrels)". Apparently, "the gray squirrels keep inviting more mates over and they don't want to play with or be friends with the red squirrels".  Unlike Squire Patton Boggs, which one partner claims is "One of a small dying breed of firms where partners genuinely work together and try to help one another rather than stealing each other's lunch". Though also admits that SPB has, "the most abominable toilets in the square mile".


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Anonymous 16 December 16 09:50


Anonymous 21 December 16 13:29

Another glorious year end at CMS.....secretaries reapplying for their jobs under the new moniker 'PA' due to the 'merger' Xmas cheer always available from their wonderful partnership.

Anonymous 22 December 16 09:04

ref 21/12/16 13:29

What do you expect, youre going through a merger and frankly there are too mnay people. The point of the merger is for the equity partners to become even richer. Secretaries are only the start, look forward to next Christmas when it will be fee earners tro help improve PEP commitments