Last week RollOnFriday revealed the winner of the Firm of the Year 2015 title and the winner of the Golden Turd shitele. Now it is time to unveil the full rankings.

Using the ratings that over 3,000 staff across the UK have given their beloved firms across nine categories, RollOnFriday's barely-trained statisticians have worked out the overall scores for the 52 qualifiers.

The arrows show the direction of change since last year, with many firms moving relatively little. There have been a few big shifts though, with the greatest improver being Clarke Willmott which has risen a massive 21 places. Other big steps up were made by DWF, which climbed 13 places, and Linklaters, which moved up 12 spots.

But every ascent means kicking someone else down the stairs, and there have been a handfull of nausea-inducing drops too. The largest dive has been taken by Browne Jacobson, which plunged 18 places. Trowers sunk almost as far, crashing 16 places until its fall was gently cushioned by the Golden Turd. The other hefty dives were taken by FFW, which tumbled 17 places, and Squire Patton Boggs which fell 12 spots.

  It's the taking part that counts

Meanwhile the steadiest performers include Kirkland & Ellis which has been keeping its staff consistently satisfied, and DAC Beachcroft which has been pissing them off in a comendably consistent manner. Simmons & Simmons and WFW are new entries this year, and if you can't find your firm it is because unfortunately too few of your colleagues voted. Make sure they do next year.

Managing Partners can take comfort in the fact that no fewer than 2,200 staff gave their firms an 'excellent' score in a category, although it could just have been for the meeting room biscuits. And if you're managing a firm in the relegation zone then very few, if any of those staff, are employed by you.
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Anonymous 06 February 15 00:11

"no fewer than 2,200 staff gave their firms full marks in at least one category". Good work Marketing, but makes for a tosh survey.

Anonymous 06 February 15 09:31

The very fact that you have firms jumping about by 18 places each year really calls into question the validity of these results...

Anonymous 06 February 15 10:34

Did FFW take a dive because it no longer exists following the rebrand??

Jamie Hamilton 06 February 15 10:49

My bad, anon 10:34. Saatchi will be mad

Anonymous 06 February 15 10:53

Wonderful pithy last line.

Anonymous 13 February 15 21:18

God knows how DWF went up. Morale is shocking and everyone is sleeping together and splitting up families. Dreadful place! All about the hours which the partners write off and then put their "time" down instead...but without the city pay.

Anonymous 28 February 15 13:59

Not sure how DWF climbed the table. The general view is that the firm, and its Manchester office in particular, is an awful place to work with some lawyers either leaving without having other jobs to go to, or leaving the law altogether, because of their negative experiences whilst working at the firm.

Anonymous 28 February 15 18:17

The Parabis Group must be disappointed not to have won The Golden Turd Award again this year. It's the only award they will ever win.