The most important category in the RollOnFriday Firm of the Year survey is, clearly, meeting room biscuits. This year Shearman & Sterling has the most desirable cookie jar.

The joint Firm of the Year's freshly baked cookies are "exceptional". Some staff even objected when they were swapped for mince pies in December, branding the denial of their cookie fix a "travesty". Freshly baked cookies won Hogan Lovells second place, too. Verdicts ranged from "really quite special" to "legendary".

Fellow firm of the year Burges Salmon took third prize. It scored big for the introduction of "mini stroopwafels", but the canteen also influenced the result (there will be no steward's enquiry). "I'd take someone on a romantic dinner to Glassworks", says one associate, "if it was allowed". In any event, the "Burges Salmon 1/2 stone gain" is "definitely a thing with this newly podgy first year trainee".

Osborne Clarke swings into fourth place with, of course, fresh cookies baked on-site. Although, "they always provide the crunchiest fruit possible for large meetings", which guarantees noise at key points. "Stick to cookies, they are quiet".

Suffering with empty stomachs, Plexus staff say there are "no biscuits", but that partners sometimes give them leftover sandwiches from meetings "after they've been picked through". BLM provides "cheap and nasty" biscuits which are "often out of date", while this year's Golden Turd winner Hill Dickinson also offers "no biscuits". Food is the least of their worries, however. "Only partners can order tea and coffee for clients", says one insider, and mineral water "has been scrapped" in the meeting rooms and it is now "jugs of tap water only". Staff do receive free coffee, although it has "been downgraded from Nescafe Gold to Nescafe Blend, terrible stuff".

To help you decide whether to have the meeting at their place, here are the stand-out treats from the rest of the field:

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Anonymous 26 February 16 12:11

I never used to see BLM mentioned in ROF articles or rankings until recently. Congrats on finally making it!