Partners have been revealing their innermost thoughts in the RollOnFriday Firm of the Year 2015 survey (do submit your entry), with some divulging why life on the headed notepaper is not all it's cracked up to be.

A Trowers & Hamlins partner confesses that it's "depressing" being able to see Slaughter and May across the courtyard, while a second says that being a big fish at the firm means "you're surrounded by smaller fish who lurk in your shadow, only emerging to feed off you like vultures picking over the corpse of a once great beast. What's worst is they shit all over you first". Another confesses that when his secretary left, she told him 'Wygowm' was Welsh for 'thanks' so he could use it to impress a client. Unfortunately it stands for 'will you go out with me' which "did not go down well. Phone calls are very awkward now".

    He feels their pain

Trowers isn't the only firm receving a top-down slating. A partner whose firm was taken over by Slater & Gordon says it has been "an eye-opening experience" having to work with "the fools and nuts" of S&G, and a lawyer at SGH Martineau says they're interrupted by their fellow partners "yelling abuse at each other" across the open plan floor. Crikey. Meanwhile, a BLP partner praises the "lovely people in the firm in all areas", then ruins it a bit by saying that "they are being shat on and will surely die".

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Anonymous 09 January 15 10:23

I worked at Slaughters for a short while and have to say its the most depressing place I have ever worked at

Anonymous 09 January 15 12:08

Things must have changed at SGH since their merger with Martineau's. With the exception of one or two of the insolvency partners, you used to struggle to find any of the partners in early, or after hours, such was their cushy number.