The Canary Wharf firm which RollOnFriday exposed last week trying to sell work experience has also ripped off Baker & McKenzie and DWF.

Kawa, Guimaraes & Associates Solicitors has cut and pasted content from both firms' websites onto its own. It lifts DWF's description of its training contract programme word for word, while its description of its ideal candidate will worry Bakers, since they are seeking exactly the same people. Perhaps explaining why KGA prefers to get its words elsewhere, its single amendment to Baker's unintentional precedent doesn't make sense: see if you can spot the difference.

    KGA and DWF, yesterday

A DWF spokeswoman told RollOnFriday, "The wording used by KGA to describe its work experience programme does seem to bear a remarkable resemblance to the text written by our very own grad rec specialist Matt Akin about DWF’s own award-winning training contract. I suspect that that is where the similarity ends”.

Lots of other content on the KGA website appears to have been lifted from other firms, including the section headed "Our Promise", which states somewhat ironically that, "our consistent track record of uncompromising ethics instils confidence and trust". RollOnFriday asked award-nominated* KGA whether it was in fact being ripped off by the bigger firms in a David versus Goliath outrage. Apparently not. In a statement, a spokesman said, "thank you for pointing out, which we were unaware. We will look into this right away as we had delegated the work for website construction and content to outsider. Thank you for showing". Probably should have nicked the excuse from someone else.

*ABS of the Year, The Lawyer awards 2015.
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Anonymous 19 June 15 22:13

Can they not find a spokesperson who speaks English? Also, why do some of their lawyers not appear on the SRA's FindASolicitor?

Anonymous 22 June 15 18:00

Because the SRA's "Find a Solicitor" is for Solicitors, and as the Managing Partner only has a degree from the University of Bangor (...?) and the Senior Solicitor is foreign qualified, frankly i'm surprised any of them are on there.

I am impressed however that they have taken note of the articles on RollOnFriday, as they have taken down their ranking system on their profile pages. I cannot fathom what was going through their minds to think it was a good idea to rate yourself 30% for Family matters when you are the Senior Solicitor, specialising in Family law...