Insiders at Vizards Wyeth say that the firm is to be acquired by national law firm Weightmans.

Or, to be more accurate, part of it will be. Employees at the 19-partner firm have been told that only some parts of the business are likely to be retained, and a number of jobs are at risk. As one insider said, many staff "see this as the equity partners finding a quick way of getting out of the problems they have caused at the cost of their employees' jobs. Not the best Christmas  present."

Given that Weightmans has recently been making strides in the insurance sector, and Vizards Wyeth has been rattling out insurance litigation since 1797, it's easy to guess at the department that's going to be cherry picked...

Neither of the firms would comment.

    2011 at Vizards Wyeth 

There has been bad news at Dickinson Dees too. The firm confirmed that it had entered into a consultation with its banking team with a view to reducing headcount by two fee-earners.A spokeswoman told RollOnFriday that "whilst the firm had not previously considered redundancies in this area, the impact of the recession has led to a need to review staffing in the team".

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