In shocking news which will surely knock election stories off the front page, RollOnFriday can reveal that someone has dropped a turd on the stairs at Trowers & Hamlins.

And not just on them. A source reports that the unidentified culprit, who struck two weeks ago, actually poo-ed "down the stairwell" of Trowers Birmingham office, dropping the poo into the central cavity of the six-storey building. It follows a public poo accident at Mills & Reeve last year, when a member of the public didn't understand what windows were and left a gift in full view of the office.

  It looked like this, but with a poo.

However it's not the only issue at the firm's Birmingham office. RollOnFriday understands that 10 Colmore Road is suffering from a chronic mouse problem. The infestation is so bad that staff have been banned from eating at their desks and, perhaps sensibly, "there are mouse traps everywhere".

Staff have also been dealing with no heating or air conditioning for over a year. One source said lawyers were fainting at their desks during the summer, and now they're "freezing".  One insider moaned that "it's like working in a 3rd country jail".

A spokeswoman for Trowers, which recently fired someone for being too smelly, said, "We operate our Birmingham office from a shared building, so we are working together with the landlord to do everything we can to rectify the issues".
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Anonymous 11 November 16 12:52

1. Probably Colmore Row
2. 3rd Country? Whut?

Anonymous 11 November 16 13:18

I think you'll find it's Row, not Road. But keep up the good work.

Anonymous 13 November 16 21:57

the mouse stuff is similar to Jones Day.