Slater & Gordon has been accused of leaning on its lawyers to accept crappier contracts.

A project entitled "Rewarding You Fairly" is being carried out in a bid to harmonise the remuneration packages of the staff employed by the various legacy firms that now comprise S&G. Following review meetings with all members of staff, it is now known internally as "Rewarding You Unfairly".

One of the key sticking points is with some legacy Fentons lawyers, who have in the past been rewarded with very generous bonuses. They have been asked to sign new terms which give them slightly increased basic salaries but far inferior bonuses. An insider says that a majority of the lawyers told the firm where to stick their new terms, and as a result things have turned nasty. He claims that S&G is "turning the screws" and "bullying" those who have dug their heels in and claims that constructive dismissal actions are now in the offing.

    S&G yesterday

S&G initially said it hadn't bullied anyone and that it would give a full statement, although it ultimately decided not to provide a comment. It did, however, do pretty much everything in its power to stop RollOnFriday from reporting the news. So "bullying" and "turning the screws" sound about right, along with "doh!" and "ambulance chasing".
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Anonymous 04 September 15 10:35

So let's look at the facts:
Share price down from $8 to $2.60
Complete loss of investor trust with some massive investment houses dumping all S&G stock losing $m’s
Salaries cut in legacy firms
Investigations by several authorities into doggy accountancy practices
P**s poor advertising campaigns
Could S&G be the next big ‘fail?’
Hope not as I work there!

Anonymous 04 September 15 13:28

I used to work there, but left for pastures new when it struck me that the legacy firm that I had joined many years previously, had in fact left me. When I was there 'Rewarding You Fairly' was widely known as 'Screwing You Royally'.

Anonymous 04 September 15 16:33

So, bullying Rollonfriday too...... Classy. Ultimately profoundly in breach of ethical codes....but alas for them, ultimately stupid (as usual.) As I have said before poor employed champions of justice : your recruitment consultant (and a door to happiness) awaits.

Anonymous 04 September 15 17:59

They are no friend of RoF since the publication of the article about the email from the jilted husband. Their response to that was immediately to block access to RoF from S&G servers. Before they denied us all access, I had sent to an S&G colleague from a different legacy firm a link to the story. S&G's response? To threaten the recipient with disciplinary action for having received an unsolicited email!

Stay classy, S&G.

Roll On Friday 06 September 15 12:18

To paraphrase Kennedy:

"There are many people in the world who really don't understand, or say they don't, what is the great issue between a normal firm and the listed ABS world....

[i]Let them come to S&G![/i]

There are some who say -- there are some who say that share options for all is the wave of the future.

[i]Let them come to S&G![/i]

And there are some who say, in Europe and elsewhere, we can work with these acquisative bohemoths.

[i]Let them come to S&G![/i]

And there are even a few who say that it is true that listed firms are an evil system, but they permit us to make great riches.

[i]Lass' sie nach S&G kommen![/i]

And, therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words "Ich bin kein S&G lawyer.""

Anonymous 08 September 15 08:54

Poor old S & G bumbling and bullying its way as if it was still RJW. If their brains were dynamite, they couldn't blow their hat off.

Roll On Friday 09 September 15 22:18

Well, I work there too. I have to say that in support of them, the new office looks really nice, and the free coffee tastes OK too. The main trouble is that everyone is walking around with a miserable face because they all want to leave.

Personally, I am grateful for being paid to work in a place where nothing works and nothing gets done because no-one can make a decision. If I had a pay rise, I may actually have to deliver for a living.

Anonymous 10 September 15 14:40

Find a lifeboat, changechampion, before the model collapses and the redundancies start. You won't believe what a difference it makes when you wake up in the morning and think 'Hang on, I seem to be working for a proper firm with grownups and professional standards and everything'. Like me and several other departees, you may well find that the day you leave S plus G is the happiest and most rewarding in your career thus far.

Anonymous 14 September 15 23:59

I hope they fail. The last thing on their minds is their clients and it is all about money and FAST. They just do not see the bigger picture. They are so self obsessed about who they think they are to the point of extreme ignorance. It is a sad state of affairs....oh, that happened too!