Slater & Gordon has apparently taken some of its most profitable work away from lawyers who refused to accept less favourable employment contracts.

Last month RollOnFriday reported that S&G had told asked its legacy Fentons associates to sign up to new contracts with inferior bonus arrangements. Some of these associates told the firm where to stick it, and S&G was accused of bullying them into accepting the new terms.

Now an insider claims that the firm has found an ingenious way out of this mess. It has simply taken the juiciest work away from the truculent lawyers, or moved them to less profitable departments, to ensure that they won't get any bonuses anyway.

    An S&G associate yesterday

Fee earners in Manchester who had stuck to their Fentons terms had been expecting a reasonable bonus based on forecast fee income from their current caseloads. But the insider claims that some of them have now had their biggest cases taken away and assigned to colleagues who have, no doubt entirely coincidentally, signed up to the new low bonus contracts. Other legacy Fentons fee earners, who had previously conducted a mixed caseload, are apparently being transferred to the pile 'em high sell 'em cheap fast track teams on the Quindell side of the business. Where it seems they will have no hope of achieving the financial threshold at which the existing bonus scheme would bite.

A spokeswoman for the firm declined to comment on the allegations.
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Anonymous 23 October 15 09:50

This firm is going to win the golden turd hands down. The bookies are refusing to take any more bets on this year's golden turd winner.

Anonymous 23 October 15 17:42

Ohhh the irony, given that it was once the firm of militant unions.......(who have largely moved on.)

Anonymous 23 October 15 22:39

At least there's work to be had at S&G, a bonus in itself particularly in a post Jackson era! Change happens, something which the legal industry should be used to by now. If the terms were as bad as suggested you'd think the dozens of firms taken over would have kicked up a fuss. One wonders if they would have taken issue with it if they remained in the same office!

Anonymous 25 October 15 10:41

I jumped due to changes to my contract and I could see the writing on the wall, Pannone and Fentons staff have been well done over.

Anonymous 26 October 15 22:16

Must be a difficult sell - yes we bought a big turd off Quindell and now we want to cut your pay so we can glitter up the turd so the shareholders don't think the management board is totally incompetent.
Can you tell what it is yet.......?