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How RollOnFriday broke the story last year.

A student barrister published a photo of himself quaffing Moet in a Versace gown, weeks before he was accused of defrauding a charity to help fund his decadent lifestyle.

The aspiring lawyer was a committee member for Bridging the Bar, a charity which enables students from non-traditional backgrounds to gain experience with barristers. 

However, 'Qucci' allegedly decided he was most in need of the charity's help and took almost £30,000 from its coffers. He was booted by the charity last summer after it found that he had transferred "significant funds" from Bridging the Bar's bank account to his own "without proper authorisation". 

Instead of investing in legal textbooks and a wig, Qucci allegedly splashed the charity's cash on luxury items including magnums of champagne, Gucci shirts and even a sauna. A leaked photo obtained by RollOnFriday shows he did at least buy a robe, albeit a Versace one. The student originally published the photo on his Instagram account, captioning the shot, "elite".


Huh. ROF guessed the right robe.

The police were notified of the matter last year, but have not provided an update on their investigation to Bridging the Bar, RollOnFriday understands. Perhaps their efforts have been complicated by the fact that, according to one of his profiles, Qucci serves as an advisor to the Met. He did not respond to requests for comment.

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Anonymous 27 May 22 12:20

I've often wondered if brands like Versace make hideous clothes like that to make it easier for us normal humans to spot and avoid people who are absolute strokers...

Anonymous 01 June 22 10:10



Entitlement is the homogeneous moral standard of the age. Even the collegiate work environment in the legal profession cannot be excepted.


Of which there are proud public references of one's disadvantaged background with the apologetic and decided assumption that growing up in a council flat, or working class immigrants family, should not aspire to respectable achievements. Being professionally successful is not a regulated requirement for this style of literature, or the fines given out by the regulator would instantly eclipse fines of the SRA.


There is the unhygienic practice of shoulder-slapping in the veteran generation where they try to get your attention in a superfluous and friendly manner, up with which I shall not put. 


Absolute girl boss rejecting being called a girl boss, mostly by angry employees, the only people on earth who care to be honest once in a while with regards to her lack of abilities and humanities. As they grew up being told that there is no notion of failure, but different degrees of success. What their parents and teachers have failed to inform, the society will not likely to succeed. 


Therefore, I find the more noticed, tone-deaf (but illegal) act pleasantly satirical, having been on the involuntary diet of being typically moral. 


I would not go so far to say the cretin is my hero. However, regarding the obviously foolish, class-conscious and elite-captioned act, I have failed to summon the usual sense of shame for the bits that are otherwise illegal. 




A. Millennial

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