UK firm Russell Jones & Walker, recently bought out by top Australian firm Slater & Gordon for £54 million, has rejected a candidate in no uncertain terms.

The reply to the candidate's application, when it finally arrived, was to the point: it was simply entitled "reject candidate!".

  How it may have looked: an inaccurate RollOnFriday simulation.

To compound matters, the email was sent twice to the unfortunate jobseeker. To be fair, the body of the email contained the usual conciliatory guff about the number of high quality applications, etc.

A Human Resources rep from RJW was shamed into sending an apologetic message to the candidate, admitting that the rejection was "inappropriate and caused offence. The wording was in no way intended to read in this way".

A spokesman for the firm told RollOnFriday that "the unfortunate error was caused by a problem with the recruitment software configuration which has now been rectified by our software provider. RJW has great respect for the candidates who apply to join us, and we apologise sincerely for the offence caused". Reject!

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Anonymous 24 February 12 09:44

This "great respect" being so great that they take the time to provide careful feedback and personalise their rejection letters rather than sending a computer generated email. I mean, that would just be rude...

Anonymous 24 February 12 12:57

At least they got a response. RJW didn't even deign to acknowledge my application for a position there!