Clyde & Co and CMS are the latest firms to wield the axe.

Clyde & Co has commenced a redundancy consultation with 40 UK secretarial roles at risk. An internal Clydes' email seen by RollOnFriday suggested that the "restructuring" was in the pipeline pre-Covid and "proposed last year at the partners' meeting" as part of a "broader strategy" to "improve and modernise a number of functions". 

The 40 potentially impacted roles are out of a total of 235 UK secretaries at the firm. An insider told RollOnFriday that Clydes is also adding 15 new secretarial roles, so the cuts will equate to a 25 person net loss. However, there is no guarantee that the impacted staff will be offered the newly-created roles; as the firm will advertise those jobs externally as well as internally, RollOnFriday understands.

The firm is also in consultation talks with another 10 staff across various business service departments, plus two fee-earners. Unlike the secretarial redundancies, these cuts have been blamed on "the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and its impact", according to the internal Clydes email, which explained "there has been significant variation between practices and groups, with some growing strongly and others facing a more constrained period."  

“We can confirm that there is currently a consultation process taking place among our UK secretarial community as part of changes we're making to improve and modernise our secretarial provision in the UK," a Clyde & Co spokesman said of the cuts. "We are mindful that this is a difficult time for the individuals involved and we are supporting them through the process. As it is an ongoing process, it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time."

The spokesman added: "We can confirm that in addition there are a number of other small, discrete and unrelated consultation processes taking place across the firm."

CMS is also understood to be making cuts. An insider has told RollOnFriday that the firm is starting redundancy talks with affected employees including business support services staff and lawyers in its Technology Media and Communications team.

The source said to RollOnFriday that CMS "is in a very good position and will be giving bonuses, so why are they making people redundant in the middle of a pandemic just before Christmas?"

CMS declined to comment. If you're impacted or know the number of staff impacted, do get in touch.  

Secretarial and business support teams at other firms have also been having a rough time of it, lately

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Anonymous 27 November 20 08:43

Clydes are time wasters when it comes to interviewing and dangling potential job offers so this news comes as little surprise. Believe me, I wasted almost 6 months of different meetings with them.

Anonymous 27 November 20 09:10

1 of those firms has been making fee earner redundancies for months.

Nonymouse 27 November 20 09:28

Odd. I know one Clydes FE who was let go a couple of weeks ago.

Agree with 08.43, BTW. Me too.

Anonymous 27 November 20 09:32

Fun fact. Head of Technology at CMS is Chris Watson who is Emma Watson's father(Hermione Granger in Harry Potter) .

Anonymous 27 November 20 09:44

No mention of Dentons redundancies?

Anonymous 27 November 20 09:55

I’m sure there was a ROF story early in the pandemic about Clydes claiming to thrive ‘when the going gets tough’ or something along those lines...

Anonymous 27 November 20 10:21

no mention of the Dentons redundancies for RE, secretaries and Nusiness services?

Anonymous 27 November 20 11:41

I find it extraordinary that Clyde's think secretarial redundancies are being made to "improve and modernise our secretarial provision".

What a dishonest and insulting statement. Beggars belief that they are suggesting that making people redundant improves "improve" service provision.

Everyone knows that horse poop. Why can't they just be honest with people.

Anonymous 27 November 20 11:48

What about S&G redundancies?

Anon 27 November 20 13:12

Clydes just closed an entire office a few weeks ago, went under the radar.   Made people redundant.  

Henry 27 November 20 13:32

Which office did Clyde's shut?

Anon 27 November 20 14:02

Oxford.  About 20 people there.   

Kylie 27 November 20 15:35

Have to agree with 11.48 about S&G ! At the best of times it is unstable.

Anonymous 27 November 20 15:57

Clydes have been making redundancies for months. These are fee earners, not secretaries. Somehow they’ve been able to keep it under the table.

Anonymous 27 November 20 16:26

@9:32 and he manages to work it into every conversation. 

Anonymous 27 November 20 16:36

>An insider has told RollOnFriday that the firm is starting redundancy talks with affected employees including business support services staff and lawyers in its Technology Media and Communications team.

Strange. TMC is doing well around here. Bad magic in magic circle?


Anonymous 27 November 20 17:44

I know someone affected by those other "discreet" redundancies and they (Clyde & Co) have barely bothered to come up with any reasoning. It demonstrates a shocking lack of respect for your employees.

Anon 27 November 20 18:12

It’s a nasty, grubby MOR insurance firm.   I know partners who work there who think the same.  

Anon 27 November 20 20:33

@ Anon 18:12. Rubbish. The firm works on some huge mandates.

SirHarry 27 November 20 21:01

@anon 11.48. S&G can’t make redundancies as all of the good people are leaving

Anon 27 November 20 21:17

Maybe the CMS Choir could make another video about how we ‘work together/ bill together’ etc. That should lift everyone’s spirits.

TBT 27 November 20 21:45

The London Office of Kirkland & Ellis has also reduced headcount! They’d like everyone to believe it’s doing “SO WELL” yet in reality they’re trying their utmost to cover up all the departures. The office lost business and they’re too ashamed to admit it! That’s what happens when you have tons of “partners” in name only.

Anonymous 29 November 20 11:29

Secretaries are a bit passe in 2020. Plus, I've never met one that doesn't entirely resent the fee earner(s) they work for. They share an inherent belief that they are utterly indispensable - a dangerous belief in these times.

Anon 29 November 20 22:30

Anon @ 11:29

Don’t know where you work but where I work, our legal PAs do a great job. I have come across some PAs who are a bit cynical of some fee earners - mainly with reason. I wouldn’t regard my legal PA as working for me - they are part of the team, and we’re all ultimately working for the firm to enable it to deliver legal services to its (the firm’s - note not a particular partner’s) clients.

Anonymous 30 November 20 04:40

Sad reality is with everyone working remotely, PAs and secretaries have very little to do. So it’s not surprising that as more firms move to allowing fee earners to work from home on a regular basis, there will be a reduction in secretary headcount across the industry. 

AnonAnon 30 November 20 12:21

No comments either in the past year about Clyde's failed US takeover of their IT department and all the job losses and transfers over to the amazing world hub of Kansas (!) only for that to fall flat on its arse. 

Anonymous 30 November 20 13:13

CMS claimed during the height of the pandemic how well their forward thinking firm was doing but still secretly getting rid of people. They do scrub the internet very good to remove any negative remarks,  you’ll only hear about accolades. As for their TMIC group RoF mentioned, it’s a hellhole to work in.

Anon 01 December 20 07:02

Clydes has utterly crap IT.   It doesn’t invest in its systems and does things on the cheap.   

Gary A 01 December 20 18:04

I can't believe you people are still using secretaries....sorry let's call them 'PAs' so you think you are somehow important.

Law must be the last area where there are huge armies of secretaries typing for others too lazy / self-important / retarded to do their own typing.

What ancient duffers you are. You'd think the younger generation in law would be a bit more IT savvy?

Anon. 16 March 21 17:36

No mention anywhere either of Shepherd and Wedderburn redundancies.

Anon. 03 April 21 22:42

Yes no mention anywhere of Shepherd and Wedderburn redundancies ??

Anon. 03 April 21 22:50

Shepherd and Wedderburn are keeping their redundancies quiet...?? Paying people xtra to just sign on dotted line.....


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