Norton Rose trainees were celebrating this week at the news that their salaries are to be increased. And a lucky few were also spotted packing BBQ tongs and suncream for a secondment in Australia.

RollOnFriday can reveal that the firm has increased first year trainee salaries by a grand to £38,000. And second years get an extra £1,500 to go up to £43,000, while NQs go up by the same amount to £61,500. OK, it's not quite Magic Circle rates (Linklaters pays its trainees £39,000 and £45,000 respectively), but then Norton Rose isn't quite a Magic Circle firm.

  A Norton Rose trainee yesterday

Even more excitingly, junior staff are also starting to see the benefits of the merger-happy firm's rapacious expansion. Starting in October, two trainees will be able to spend a four month seat on secondment to either Sydney or Perth (which is  where UK qualified supervisors are to be found) for some fun in the sunshine serious hard work. And two Australian graduates will get the same opportunity (that's to come to London or an Asian office, not to stay in Australia, obviously).

A spokeswoman for the firm said "Australia... integrated... global mobility... international practice... great opportunities for trainees"*

*Quote randomly edited by RollOnFriday

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Anonymous 13 July 12 11:54

This should make a big difference for talent acquisition, certainly in Australia. If Oz trainees are ACTUALLY getting the opportunities to work abroad, then this will make a huge difference.

Aussie law school visits by HR managers at big Aussie firms almost always used to talk up their "relationships" with magic circle firms, or their "extensive" Asian office network. Trainees/graduates/articled clerks routinely arrived excited about the international mobility/work they had been promised, only to find these "offices" were pretty much separate firms operating under the same brand. These "relationships" used to mean that the Aussie firm would effectively offer you a 1 or 2 year secondment in London - but needed you to sign something saying you would be coming straight back!

I'd be interested to hear whether things have actually changed now. King & Wood Mallesons offering Aussies some time in China?

Anonymous 15 July 12 13:17

"King & Wood Mallesons"

You have heard of "Kingswood Country", starring Ted "Pickle Me Grandmother" Bullpit?: