A Magic Circle trainee has been tweeting an eye-popping diary of her working life.

The first seat trainee set up her Twitter account, bafflingly, under her real name. However RollOnFriday has agreed with 'Ms X' not to publish her identity on the basis that she deserves to be applauded for her candour, not doxed and reprimanded by the partners.

Ms X's legal commentary was already in full flow at law school.

Fittingly, her exciting first day as a Magic Circle trainee was preceded by a wet dream about contract negotiation.

Reality intruded almost immediately.

Her experiences at [redacted] will be familiar to many young lawyers. Or not.

Ms X, who told new fan RollOnFriday that her account was "meant to be tongue in cheek", dishes the dirt on the rarefied concerns of her elite peers.

Some of Ms X's tweets raise the question of why she did not use a pseudonym.

Others reveal the drudgery which trainees at even top firms have to endure.

Her disclosures about work/life balance will also be familiar to City juniors.

Luckily she manages to conduct a love life, of sorts, in the gaps:

On the topic of her work, Ms X is self-deprecating. Hopefully.

She is admirably frank about partners.

Though susceptible to their charms.

Did RollOnFriday mention she was frank?

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Anonymous 21 July 17 10:12

Own name usage clearly dumb, but this is a pretty grubby (non)-naming and shaming of someone for having a bit of personality.

Anonymous 21 July 17 10:12

I love her. And I think she may have now deleted her account or maybe gone private or maybe deleted some of these choice tweets. Pure devoed bruv.

Anonymous 21 July 17 14:39

Good for her for having a personality. Hope it isn't mercilessly beaten out of her like law tends to do.

Anonymous 27 July 17 08:20

Well, you would think that Dux. Your Brexit views make you unfuckable (well, that and the rest of the long list).

Anonymous 28 July 17 10:35

I don't think this should have been published. She's just a trainee with a social media feed. No client details, no work details just general complaints about a tough day in the office. This is a non story but the firm will inevitably have a complete sense of humour failure about it.

Anonymous 28 July 17 10:42

Can't help but think that ROF got this because one of her fellow trainees sent it to you thinking you'd print it and that might wreck her career. Right choice to redact.

But...a shame how we collectively crush all personality out of people and make this profession so beige. There's few things more cringe than a colleague (or boss) worrying about what you put on twitter - as long as you aren't telling firm secrets, it should be irrelevant.

I read this and thought, someone in the profession with a decent personality? Goodness me. I would definitely hire her.

Anonymous 28 July 17 11:59

I'd hire her. Sounds like the kind of lawyer I want - presumably intelligent but doesn't take it all too seriously