Lyons Davidson is in talks to buy a business specialising in legal advice for the elderly, while at the same time making staff redundant from the similar venture it launched with the AA just two years ago.

In 2013 Lyons Davidson set up AA law, an ABS (alternative business structure) joint venture law firm, with the breakdown company intended to bring in its customers' personal injury claims arising from car accidents. However, it seems to have flopped. RollOnFriday understands that the business is being closed and the entire team has been placed at risk of redundancy.

But Lyons Davidson, which in 2013/14 suffered a £20 million drop in turnover to £51.6 million and a £1 million drop in pre-tax profits to £1.54 million, in not getting out of the ABS game. Sources report that it is in talks to buy Saga Law, a joint venture between Parabis Group, which is simultanously offloading its defendant PI business, and Saga, the insurance and holiday company for the over-50s. When Saga Law was launched two years ago, Saga Chief Executive Roger Ramsden said that under the traditional law firm model, "all too often customers have to chase solicitors for action and updates". Saga Law would address those needs, he said, in three specific areas: conveyancing, wills and probate.

 Because Saga knows its audience. Downer.

But Saga Law is now about to be sold to one of the law firms lambasted by its CEO. Lyons Davidson declined to comment and Paul Green, Saga's director of communications, said the company "can't comment on speculation". Before adding "But what we can say is that ensuring our customers are well-served is always our primary concern" as a sparkle appeared on his smile and a 'ding' sounded in the background.
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Anonymous 25 November 15 12:55

Morale in the office is dreadful. No one knows what's going to happen